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151. Engineers: Hockey team of RPI  
152. Sycaway: Middle class area in the uplands of Troy near its eastern border with the Town of Brunswick  
153. Saint Rose: A private roman catholic college located between Madison and Western Avenues in the Pine Hills Area. Known for tea...  
154. Albany Med: Albany Medical School, located adjoining Albany Medicial Center on New Scotland Avenue.  
155. Albany Law: Albany Law School, located on the south side of New Scotland Avenue across from Albany Med  
156. Downtown Campus: Refers to the original campus of SUNY Albany, between Washington and Western Avenues near Washington Park.  
157. Downtown Dorms: The original domitory complex of SUNY Albany between Washington and Western Avenues at Ontario Street, now shared b...  
158. Tanned Man, The: Refers to Mayor Jerry Jennings, in office in the 1990's and 2000's, he often appears in public with an artifical ta...  
159. Legs Diamonds: A prohibition era mobster known to frequent Albany.  
160. Pine Hills: Middle and working class neighbourhood roughly around Quail and Ontario Streets between Madison and Washington Aven...  
161. Danes: SUNY Albany's basketball team  
162. Uptown Campus: Refers to SUNY Albany's largest campus between Washington and Western Avenues at the western side of the city. Con...  
163. Stockade Area: The oldest section of the City of Schenectady originally surrounded by a wooden fortress called stockade. Located n...  
164. Bellevue: Lower middle class area in the east of the city bordering the Town of Rotterdam.  
165. Arent Van Cuyler  
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Cookies that have white frosting and chocolate frosting. In many other places they are called half and half cookies.

A derogatory local nickname for Albany invoked by its more disenchanted residents.

The Dirty Bird is a celebratory dance popularized by ex-Atlanta Falcons star Jamal Anderson. Anderson, who was known for his colorful antics on and off the field (much like Muhammad Ali, whom he knew as a child), would execute this goofy dance in the end zone after touchdowns. The "Dirty Birds", when plural, can refer to the Atlanta Falcons football team and its players.

free snacks served in bowls or baskets (i.e., peanuts, chips, popcorn), usually set out on the bar; drinking leads to frequent trips to the restroom, where patrons may not have washed their hands previous to dipping them in the snacks

1. Also referred to as the Ban roll-on building, just as a similar building in Portland, Oregon is called.

2. A common nickname for the Second and Seneca Building because of its resemblance to the blue, dome-headed droid in Star Wars.