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1. Wild Horses: East of Reno, a small band of wild mustangs hang out behind Rattlesnake Hill. There are signs in the area, to remin...  
2. Earthquakes: There are several fault zones running through Reno, and in 2008 an unusual series of quakes centered around the wes...  
3. Old Reno Arch, The: The arch transversing Virginia Street, announcing to all who pass beneath it that Reno is "The Biggest Little City ...  
4. Virginia Avenue: Reno's downtown "Strip", where the majority of the casinos are located; runs north/south and intersects with I-80 n...  
5. Basque: Reno at one time had a large Basque population, immigrants from the Pyrenees region at the border of Spain and Fran...  
6. Elevation: Reno has an altitude of almost 5000 feet above sea level, so visitors are advised to watch for such things as dehyd...  
7. Park Wedding Chapel: No longer in business.  
8. National Automobile Museum: One of the best car museums in the country, located in the Harrah's Casino.  
9. Idlewild Park: A nice family-friendly park with ball fields, playgrounds, barbeques and all the standard amenities.  
10. Silver Bells Wedding Chapel: A convenient place to get hitched, just one block from I-80 and across from the Circus Circus parking garage.  
11. Reno News & Review: A free and widely available alternative paper listing all the local happenings for the week.  
12. Magic Nails: Magic Nails
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"Biggest Little City in the World" Edit | History
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