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16. Venetian, The: Venice in Vegas; an Italian-themed luxury hotel on the Strip complete with gondolas, fantastic restaurants and high...
17. Grand Canal Shoppes, The: A high-end shopping "district" inside the luxurious Venetian Hotel, modeled to look like an Italian village with co...  
18. Strip, The: The "tourist trap" section of Las Vegas Boulevard. About 4 miles of sheer sensory overload lined with huge theme ho...
19. Tourist Corrider, The: A local reference to "The Strip", the section of Las Vegas Boulevard where all the big theme hotels are located.  
20. Chapel of Love, The: One of Vegas' famous 'quickie" wedding chapels; here, you can hit the "drive-thru" chapel or get hitched by an Elvi...  
21. Little White Chapel: A quickie wedding chapel famous for their drive-through "Tunnel of Love" ceremony.  
22. Fremont Street Experience, The: In the downtown "historic" area, a 5 block section of Fremont Street where many notable casinos are located. I rece...
23. Glitter Gulch: Refers to the "historic" downtown area of Vegas around the Fremont Street area.  
24. Naked City: bordered by Industrial on the West, Las Vegas Blvd (the strip) on the East, Wyoming on the North, and Sahara on the...  
25. Gateway Arts District, The: An area located around the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard frequented by hipsters and ...  
26. Golden Nugget Las Vegas: The largest casino-hotel in the downtown, and one of the oldest.  
27. UNLV: The University of Las Vegas  
28. Las Vegas Convention Center: A huge convention center featuring a 90,000 square-foot exhibition halland other amenities for hosting large gather...  
29. Fruit Loop, The: The LGBT entertainment epicenter of Las Vegas, a cluster of gay bars and clubs just off the Strip.  
30. New York, New York: One of the huge theme hotels on the Strip, this one obviously designed to look like New York City.
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