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Albuquerque Words & Expressions

1. Christmas Style: Red and green chile sauce together with the same dish.  
2. Alburquerque: The old name for Albuquerque. The first 'r' was removed back in the 19th Century after Anglos had a hard time with ...  
3. ABQ: Shorthand for Albuquerque, or its airport (officially called Albuquerque International Sunport).  
4. Quadrant: Albuquerque is split up into four quadrants--NE, NW, SW, and SE.  
5. Big I: Interstate 40, can include Interstate 25, or the Interstate highway exchange depending on usage.  
6. Q, The: A quick way of saying Albuquerque, originally a city campaign to make the city better known and to promote awarenes...  
7. Haps: Albuquerque English for local events.  
8. Villa de Albuquerque: "The Village of Albuquerque", the old Spanish way of saying Albuquerque.  
9. Duke City, The: "The Duke City" is a traditional nickname for Albuquerque. Albuquerque was originally named after the current Vicer...  
10. Wonder City of the Southwest: Nickname for Albuquerque  
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