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Trenton Words & Expressions

1. Trentonian: The term applied to those that reside in the city of Trenton.  
2. NJSP: it is a very dangerous prison beacause some of the prisoners have issues like serious issues  
3. St Hedwig: This Catholic church in northern Trenton was built in 1904 by Polish immigrants. Many of the original families in t...  
4. Triple-Bypass, The: An artery-clogging concoction of pork roll, egg and cheese on a hardroll.  
5. Garden State, The: New Jersey's "official" nickname (meaning it's on their license plates).  
6. Quoits: Trenton has its own 'style' of this lawn game, where one pitches round metal quoits (sort of like metal hoops or ri...
7. Pitching: Pitching is what you do with quoits. "Tossing" or "throwing" is improper nomenclature.  
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