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1. Brick City: Slang for the city of Newark, New Jersey  
2. AC: Refers to Atlantic City, NJ  
3. Down the Shore: New Jersey slang for the beaches or ocean shore areas of the state.  
4. Bennies: "Bennies" is more from the Jersey Shore and refers to people from other parts of the area visiting during the summe...  
5. Norker: Slang for someone from Newark  
6. NJPAC: Acronym for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center  
7. Ferry Street: A relatively safe street in the Ironsides neighborhood with a large concentration of excellent Portugeuse and Brazi...  
8. North Ward: The area of Newark north of route 280.  
9. Hobby's Deli: A real Jewish deli with the best pastrami sandwiches in Newark. They also sponsor "Operation Salami Drop", a progra...  
10. Prudential Center: prudent  
11. New Jersey Devils: New Jersey's professional hockey team (NHL); their home is Newark's Prudential Center.  
12. Broad Street: Downtown Newark centers around this street, which is a flurry of retail activity The discount stores and vendors li...  
13. New Jersey Historical Society Museum: This free museum is all about the history of New Jersey, and is actually part of that history having been founded i...  
14. Cherry Blossom Festival: A celebration that takes place each April in Branch Brook Park, New Jersey's version of the famous springtime event...  
15. Rutgers Newark: This campus was originally an autonomous law school at its inception in 1908, and later became the University of Ne...  
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