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Missoula Outdoor Cinema

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  1. Missoulians meet at the grounds of Missoula's Head Start (1001 Worden Ave, the old Whittier School) to enjoy great films under the stars, Saturday nights in the summer months of July and August. Missoula Outdoor Cinema brings people together from all over the Missoula community for this affordable and accessible event. The cinema setting, with a huge fabric screen hung on the side of the school building, is reminiscent of the old drive-in-movie atmosphere except that this is truly a walk-in community event. A five dollar donation per person is suggested.

    Missoula Outdoor Cinema is proudly brought to you by the North-Missoula Community Development Corporation (NMCDC). The NMCDC works to revitalize this historic neighborhood and perpetuate it as an attractive and vibrant place for new generations of Missoulians. MOC is another way the NMCDC works to make a healthy neighborhood with opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to live, work and play.

    The site of the summer cinema is in the playing field next to the old Whittier School where the first Northside grammar school stood in 1890. Before the age of the automobile, people walked to this school for events and celebrations. These first neighbors were also able to walk to jobs and to close-by downtown shopping and entertainment.

    Like Missoula’s Farmer’s Market, the Northside “walk in” cinema has become one of the City’s best-known and most-appreciated summer attractions.

    The playfield at the Head Start School (The old Whittier School) located on the corner of Worden and Phillips on Missoula’s historic Northside. From downtown, go north on Orange St., through the railroad underpass, and take a hard left at Oles/Conoco. Follow North Third Street for three blocks to the school. Walking or biking, from downtown, you can take the pedestrian bridge at Owen St. At the north end take a left on North First St. and then bear right as the street bends into Worden St. Two more blocks and you’re there.

    Other Info:
    * Gates open at 8:00 p.m. Features show at dusk. Website lists sunset times.
    * Contact: Jerry Petasek at 829-8414
    * Email
    * Moviegoers are encouraged to bring their own small compact seating.
    * Alcohol, pets and smoking, and rowdy play are not permitted at outdoor cinema.
    * Picnic food is welcome.
    * Entry is a suggested $5 donation Posted by: dmacasaet on Jul 01, 2008 (0) (0)
Posted by: dmacasaet
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