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1. Bear Tooth Pass: The Bear Tooth Pass is the 30 mile stretch of highway between Red Lodge, MT and Yellowstone National Park's North E...
2. Missoula Outdoor Cinema: Missoulians meet at the grounds of Missoula's Head Start (1001 Worden Ave, the old Whittier School) to enjoy great ...
3. Missoulian: "Missoulian" is what a native of Missoula is called.  
4. M "The Em": "The M" refers to the giant concrete M located on a mountain above the University of Montana. There is a zig zag t...  
5. Electric City: Great Falls is known as "The Electric City" because of the several hydroelectric plants along the Missouri River th...  
6. Great Falls Voyagers: Great Falls' minor league baseball team, originally called the Great Falls White Sox. The new name came about becau...  
7. Star of the Big Sky Country: The motto of Billings, Montana  
8. Moose Drool: Don't be alarmed when someone asked you if you've ever had moose drool. It's actually a pretty yummy beer from Big ...  
9. Mountain View Chiropractic: Mountain View Chiropractic
10. North Elevation: A neighborhood in Billings that is home to MSU-Billings and Rocky Mountain College.  
11. ZooMontana: A 70-acre wildlife park in Billings that is home to animals from the Rocky Mountains and from around the world.  
12. Last Best (Hiding) Place, The: Montana is known as the "Last Best Place" to locals. After the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was captured in a remote c...  
Montana Tagline
"The Last Best HIDING Place!" Edit | History
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Father Baker is waiting to be canonized at Our Lady of Victory. He used to run a house for boys and now every child is threatened to be sent to Fr. Baker's when they are bad.

Dubbed "Touchdown Jesus" by Notre Dame alumni, "The Word of Life," constructed by Millard Sheets, is a mural on the face of the university's Hesburgh Library. Easily viewed from the football stadium, the piece features the looming figure of the resurrected Jesus with arms raised like a referee signaling a touchdown.

Pneumonia and other disorders caused by exposure to the massive dust storms that took place in the 1930s in the Southern Plains.

Louisiana swamps.

The North Bay village, so dubbed due to its Brazilian population.