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Biloxi Entertainment

1. Hard Rock Casino: Rock themed hotel and casino in Biloxi, it features memorabilia from Elvis Presley, BB King, and Johnny Cash.  
2. Casino Hollywood: Is also a Bay St. Louis property that includes an on-side golf course and movie cinema d├ęcor.  
3. Island View Casino Resort: Nearby Gulfport's only casino and home to one of world-famous chef "Emeril's" restaurants.  
4. Isle od Capri Casino: Biloxi casino with a tropical island theme.  
5. Boomtown Casino: One of the oldest casino in the city, Boomtown was severely damaged in the hurricane and was recently re-opened.  
6. Silver Slopper, The: The first land-based casino to open following Hurricane Katrina.  
7. IP Hotel and Casino: Formerly known as the Imperial Palace, it had been severely damaged and as a result it was forced to temporarily cl...  
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