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1. Lou, The: Not to be confused with the Loo, The Lou is a slang term for St. Louis.  
2. Where did you go to high school?: A common question in Saint Louis upon meeting someone. It is thought that meaningful stereotypes can be made of a p...  
3. Mound City: A nickname for St. Louis, originating in the Native American burial mounds that were once common to the city.  
1. Kayak's: A popular coffee shop with University students, at the intersection of Skinker Blvd. and Forest Park Parkway  
2. Phoenix, The: A nightclub, restaurant, and live music venue on Lemay Ferry Road.  
3. Rooster: This downtown cafĂ© offers pancakes and crepes that earned it the designation of having the "best breakfast" in St. ...  
1. Loop, The: The Delmar Loop, between Des Peres Rd and Trinity Blvd. Frequented by college students.  
2. Old North St. Louis: A neighborhood in St. Louis.  
3. Washington Avenue Loft District: A historic neighborhood in northwest St. Louis that was once an industrial area and has since been renovated into c...  
1. 1904 World's Fair: Saint Louis' World's Fair in 1904 featured the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which marked the centennial of the hi...  
2. 1904 Olympic Games: The 1904 Olympics were hosted in St. Louis, a matter of pride for the city.  
3. Whitaker Music Festival: Free Wednesday evening concerts offered at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in the summertime.  
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