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121. Tiffany's Original Diner: St. Louie's favorite 24-7 stereotypical greasy spoon diner.  
122. Gaslight Square District: A once thriving and quite famous arts and entertainment scene center in the west central part of St. Louis that has...  
123. Eat-Rite: A well loved local diner that serves up old-school, artery-clogging comfort food 24 hours a day.  
124. Space Parlour, The: A late-night college rock radio show on KDHX 88.1 FM.  
125. Airport Billiards: An authentic pool hall founded by the late billiards champion Harry "Hollywood Fats" Sims.  
126. Moolah Theatre, The: A ridiculously suave movie theater complete with cocktails and leather couches, but also intractable crowds.  
127. Aussie Pet Mobile: A mobile, eco-friendly dog-washing service.  
128. Seafood City: A large Asian market in University City that sets a good portion of low-priced Western goods amidst the exotic and ...  
129. Whitaker Music Festival: Free Wednesday evening concerts offered at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in the summertime.  
130. Way Out Club: A rough and tumble psychobilly jukebox joint that also features live bands almost every night.  
131. Dogtown: Nickname for the Claytin/Tamm neighborhood.  
132. Dutchtown South: A diverse neighborhood in St. Louis that includes a section of antique and specialy shops, several neighborhood par...  
133. Grand Center: An arts and entertainment section of St. Louis, the city's epicenter for art, museums, music, and theater.  
134. Hill, The: A traditionally Italian-American neighborhood south of Forest Park in St. Louis that retains much of its cultural f...  
135. Lafayette Square: A National Historic District just south of the downtown area, and the oldest such district in St. Louis. The area ...
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A mythical six-legged cat; the mascot of Conway High School.

A pervasive New York City urban legend tells of infant alligators brought back from Florida vacations and subsequently flushed down toilets only to form scattered colonies of full-grown alligators thriving beneath the city streets. Some versions describe the alligators as albino, having lost their pigment from living in the dark sewers for generations.

A nickname for St. Louis, originating in the Native American burial mounds that were once common to the city.

Trenton has its own 'style' of this lawn game, where one pitches round metal quoits (sort of like metal hoops or rings) at a target.

Referring to something that was damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Hugo in 1989. The hurricane made landfall as a category 4 storm and did extensive damage to downtown Charleston as well as the northern suburbs of Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's Island, and Isle of Palms.