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106. Jasminka Homemade Cakes: A fantastic bakery with desserts so rich your arteries may clog before even setting foot on South Kings Highway.  
107. Spirit of St. Louis, The: The name of Lindburg's plane used for his famous flight across the Atlantic, chosen because the St. Louis Chamber o...  
108. Ralston-Purina: The headquarters of the company were located in St. Louis and an important part of the economy.  
109. Anheuser-Busch: The world's largest brewery and a fixture of the St. Louis economy.  
110. Wainwright Building: A ten-story structure built in 1892, one of the world's first skyscrapers and currently in use as a government offi...  
111. Nikola Tesla: Tesla made the first public demonstration of radio communication in St. Louis in 1893.  
112. Old North St. Louis: A neighborhood in St. Louis.  
113. Hogan's Gang: An early 20th century gang in St. Louis, immortalized in Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie".  
114. Star Clipper: The best-stocked comic book store in St. Louis, on Delmar Blvd.  
115. Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals.  
116. Washington Avenue Loft District: A historic neighborhood in northwest St. Louis that was once an industrial area and has since been renovated into c...  
117. Edwards Jones Dome: Home to the St. Louis Rams NFL team.  
118. Old Post Office: A preserved historic building that has been divided into a library, a restaurant, and a school.  
119. Gokul Snacks and Sweets: An Indian deli-type set-up hiding in a strip mall on Page Avenue that can, incredibly, fill your belly and then som...  
120. Spencer's Grill: A cheap, lunch counter-style eatery, perfect if one happens to become nostalgic for high school cafeteria cuisine.  
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A term referring to the Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon held the Sunday after Labor Day in Madison, WI. Most people refer to an Ironman as an "IM." Athletes refer to this particular Ironman as "IMOO," because they often pass cows on the bike route, which is along many country roads. IM Wisconsin embraced this idea and the 2008 Finisher Medals were in the shape of a cow.

A stew-like dish made from beans, beer, pork, peppers.

A nickname for the city of Indianapolis, a reference to the circular shape of its city limits.

A regional dish with German roots, a patty made with pork, beef, and oats.

1. This isn't actually Spanish, and isn't pronounced as such. It's actually an old Southern word for laundromat and it's pronounced "wash-uh-TEER-ee-uh", more like how you'd say the English "cafeteria", and not in some Latin way.

2. Another name for a laundromat, taken from Houston's rich "Spanglish" vernacular.