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106. Nikola Tesla: Tesla made the first public demonstration of radio communication in St. Louis in 1893.  
107. Old North St. Louis: A neighborhood in St. Louis.  
108. Hogan's Gang: An early 20th century gang in St. Louis, immortalized in Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie".  
109. Star Clipper: The best-stocked comic book store in St. Louis, on Delmar Blvd.  
110. Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals.  
111. Washington Avenue Loft District: A historic neighborhood in northwest St. Louis that was once an industrial area and has since been renovated into c...  
112. Edwards Jones Dome: Home to the St. Louis Rams NFL team.  
113. Old Post Office: A preserved historic building that has been divided into a library, a restaurant, and a school.  
114. Gokul Snacks and Sweets: An Indian deli-type set-up hiding in a strip mall on Page Avenue that can, incredibly, fill your belly and then som...  
115. Spencer's Grill: A cheap, lunch counter-style eatery, perfect if one happens to become nostalgic for high school cafeteria cuisine.  
116. Tiffany's Original Diner: St. Louie's favorite 24-7 stereotypical greasy spoon diner.  
117. Gaslight Square District: A once thriving and quite famous arts and entertainment scene center in the west central part of St. Louis that has...  
118. Eat-Rite: A well loved local diner that serves up old-school, artery-clogging comfort food 24 hours a day.  
119. Space Parlour, The: A late-night college rock radio show on KDHX 88.1 FM.  
120. Airport Billiards: An authentic pool hall founded by the late billiards champion Harry "Hollywood Fats" Sims.  
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The Drink - Booze/Alcohol "he has a problem with the drink"

1. A common question in Saint Louis upon meeting someone. It is thought that meaningful stereotypes can be made of a person once knowing where he went to high school. This is perhaps a testament to the intense segregation that has plagued the city.

2. the most commonly used question in stl; the first thing people ask when they meet you.

This is an endearing nickname for New York, New York. Although most would regard New York City as more influential than the rest of the state in its entirety, this double naming causes problems for upstaters when they tell people where they're from when abroad. (People in other countries are often unaware that New York is both a state and a city.)

While outsiders might assume you can borrow money from your buddy and he will lend it to you, in Wisconsin we borrow everything. i.e. "Can you borrow me ten bucks?" "No, sorry. I can't borrow it to you 'cuz then I won't have enough left for the brat fry."