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46. KP: A very popular term used for the bar and restaurant Kitchen Pass in Joplin  
47. KCMO: A common abbreviation for Kansas City, Missouri. "KC" is also used, but doesn't distinguish from Kansas City, Kansa...  
48. KC: Abbreviation for Kansas City.  
49. Plaza, The: Shorthand used to describe The Country Club Plaza.  
50. P&L: Nickname for Kansas City's Power and Light Disctrict, an indoor host to many bars and restaurants, as well as an ou...  
51. Sprint Center: The Sprint Center is a huge building downtown that hosts concerts, basketball games, and conventions. It is a major...  
52. Power & Light District: A very commercial area on the south side of the downtown loop. Popularly referred to as the P&L, the Power & Light ...  
53. Proud of Our Past, Shaping Our Future: Joplin's official motto  
54. Paris of the Plains: A cute nickname for Kansas City (and a nice try)  
55. Heart of America: Just as many other places do, Kansas City claims to be the heart of America.  
56. Queen City of the Ozarks: The official nickname of Springfield, although not quite as cool as Spring Vegas.  
57. Bread Co.: Slang for "Saint Louis Bread Company", known to the rest of the country as Panera Bread. Founded in Saint Louis.  
58. Birthplace of Sheryl Crow: Yes, Kennett does have a claim to fame and this is it. As you enter town there's even a sign that tells you about i...  
59. Rush: Rush Limbaugh is from Cape Girardeau and his family has practiced law in the city for many years. The federal court...  
60. 18th & Vine: Jazz district. Home of the Jazz Musuem and the Negro League Baseball Museum. Night spot on the east side. Very popu...  
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Past Words of the Day

As used in Pittsburgh, the word means "lately" or "currently" as in "The gas prices are outrageous anymore."

Nickname ascribed to Charlotte that dates back to the Revolutionary War when Charlotte residents clashed with British troops. The term was originally used by General Charles Cornwallis to describe the fiery independence of Charlotteans. Although the NBA has taken away...

"City of Trees" is the official nickname for the city of Boise. The name comes from the French word boisé, which means "wooded." Although historical perceptions of cities aren't necessarily relevant today, the "City of Trees" moniker suits Boise well because of the natural beauty in and around the city.

A style of house with a center hallway running from the front door to the back door that you "could fire a shotgun through".

Bluecifer is a nickname for the devil-eyed blue mustang sculpture by Denver's airport.