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31. Gateway City: A nickname for St. Louis.  
32. Gateway to the West: Nickname for St. Louis, as historically many settlers moved west via wagon trails through the city.  
33. Missouri River: A tributary of the Mississippi just north of St. Louis.  
34. Wash U: Refers to Washington University in St. Louis.  
35. Castle, The: Nickname for the Liggett/Koenig Residential College.  
36. St. Louie: A nickname for St. Louis.  
37. River City: A nickname for St. Louis.  
38. Arch, The: The famous Gateway Arch, the tallest national monument in the United States and the
39. Metro: The Metrolink Light Rail Service; the St. Louis train system.  
40. Forest Park: The heart of St. Louis and one of the largest urban parks in the U.S. at 1,293 acres.  
41. St. Louis Walk of Fame: A set of brass stars and bronze plaques honoring those who made important contributions to the city's cultural heri...  
42. J-Town: J-Town is a popular nickname for Joplin, MO.  
43. MOSO: Pronounced 'moh-soh', MOSO is what many locals say instead of Missouri Southern--or the entire name, Missouri South...  
44. Main: A street where young locals go to 'cruise,' and socialize on weekends.  
45. Snob Hill: A slang term locals use for a neighborhood with upscale homes.  
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(noun) Common term for hamburger in much of Maine, especially when used as an ingredient or topping (as in hamburg pizza).

How people inside the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area refers to the rest of Minnesota.

NYC is made up of five "boroughs." Each borough represents a different county of New York State. Manhattan makes up New York County; Brooklyn makes up Kings County; Queens makes up Queens County; The Bronx makes up Bronx County; Staten Island makes up Richmond County.

This is a reference to the historic 1834 Herkimer County Jail, located at the historic Four Corners on N. Main St. in Herkimer. This jail is famous for housing "American Tragedy" murderer Chester Gillette during his trial for the murder of Grace Brown in 1906.

A local motto in recent years used to promote the city’s eccentricity and diversity. It's featured on innumerable bumper stickers and t-shirts.