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31. Gateway City: A nickname for St. Louis.  
32. Gateway to the West: Nickname for St. Louis, as historically many settlers moved west via wagon trails through the city.  
33. Missouri River: A tributary of the Mississippi just north of St. Louis.  
34. Wash U: Refers to Washington University in St. Louis.  
35. Castle, The: Nickname for the Liggett/Koenig Residential College.  
36. St. Louie: A nickname for St. Louis.  
37. River City: A nickname for St. Louis.  
38. Arch, The: The famous Gateway Arch, the tallest national monument in the United States and the
39. Metro: The Metrolink Light Rail Service; the St. Louis train system.  
40. Forest Park: The heart of St. Louis and one of the largest urban parks in the U.S. at 1,293 acres.  
41. St. Louis Walk of Fame: A set of brass stars and bronze plaques honoring those who made important contributions to the city's cultural heri...  
42. J-Town: J-Town is a popular nickname for Joplin, MO.  
43. MOSO: Pronounced 'moh-soh', MOSO is what many locals say instead of Missouri Southern--or the entire name, Missouri South...  
44. Main: A street where young locals go to 'cruise,' and socialize on weekends.  
45. Snob Hill: A slang term locals use for a neighborhood with upscale homes.  
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