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151. Eugene Field: A late 1800s St. Louis reporter and nationally known columnist who is now remembered primarily for his children's v...  
152. UMSL: Acronym for the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the well-regarded St. Louis branch of the University of Missouri ...  
153. Chuck Berry: The "Father of Rock and Roll" has a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame for his contributions to not only the local ...  
154. Chitlin Circuit: A string of live music venues throughout the southern and eastern United States that were considered "safe" for Afr...  
155. Twang: Alt-country music.  
156. Muny, The: Short for the Municipal Opera Association of St. Louis, the largest and oldest outdoor musical theatre in the Unite...  
157. STL: STL is a set of initials used to abbreviate St. Louis.  
158. 32: 32 ounces of soda, normally obtained at a drive-thru window at a gas station. "Let's drive-thru for some 32s"  
159. Cape: Short for Cape Girardeau. Many people call the city Cape instead of saying the whole name.  
160. SEMO: SEMO is short for southeast Missouri. This sometimes means the southeast area of Missouri and sometimes means Sout...  
161. Old Cathedral, The: The Basilica of St. Louis - King of France. Located near the Arch grounds and the first Catholic Cathedral West of...  
162. Big Amoco: Gas station located at the corner of Clayton Road and Skinker Blvd/McCausland Ave. A Saint Louis landmark known fo...
163. SpringVegas: The Vegas is added for irony because of the Podunk towns. Especially in Missouri.  
164. Downtowner: A person or group of people that frequent the downtown bars & nightclubs several times a week.  
165. Misery: Many Missourians refer to their state as Misery, often refferring to the unpredictable weather.  
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Common phrase that you learn and laugh at in elementary school in WC. Refers to the fact that you can go into town via High Street, then hang a right on Gay Street and exit town to the east side.

A nickname for the Port of Miami, due to the brisk business of passenger cruises situated here.

The historic train that later became the subject of a hit song in the 1940s,and is now the namesake of a popular resort area filled with railroad themed museums, gardens, rides, restaurants, hotels and all sorts of tourist attractions.

At In-N-Out burger, there are a couple of things that customers can say when they order to get their food cooked a certain way, even though it is not on any menu. "Protein style" means that your burger is wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun.

Paczki's are deep-fried Polish doughnuts which mark the beginning of Lent, and are most often consumed on "Fat Tuesday." Traditionally, these rich doughnuts were intended to use all of the forbidden lard, sugar, eggs, and fruit in one's house before the season of abstinence began. These flattened spheres are often dusted with powdered sugar or a simple glaze. Popular fillings include prunes, rose-petal jam, and apricot, though Paczkis can also be found with more common fillings such as Bavarian cream, raspberry jam, or custard.