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151. Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts: An art museum in the Grand Center district that offers changing gallery exhibitions, community programming, and opp...  
152. Eugene Field House: A National Historic Landmark whose mission is to preserve the home and memorabilia of the "Children's Poet" Eugene ...  
153. New Cathedral, The: The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.  
154. Yogi Berra: National Baseball Hall of Fame-er Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra great up in "The Hill" neighborhood in St. Louis.  
155. St. Louis Zoological Park: A leader in zoo research, conservation and education efforts, located in Forest park; free general admission.  
156. International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame: A 50,000 square foot, three-story museum celebrating (what else?) the history of bowling. Who knew that bowling ha...  
157. Laclede's Landing: A popular dining and nightlife area on the Mississippi Riverfront.  
158. Eugene Field: A late 1800s St. Louis reporter and nationally known columnist who is now remembered primarily for his children's v...  
159. UMSL: Acronym for the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the well-regarded St. Louis branch of the University of Missouri ...  
160. Chuck Berry: The "Father of Rock and Roll" has a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame for his contributions to not only the local ...  
161. Chitlin Circuit: A string of live music venues throughout the southern and eastern United States that were considered "safe" for Afr...  
162. Twang: Alt-country music.  
163. Muny, The: Short for the Municipal Opera Association of St. Louis, the largest and oldest outdoor musical theatre in the Unite...  
164. STL: STL is a set of initials used to abbreviate St. Louis.  
165. 32: 32 ounces of soda, normally obtained at a drive-thru window at a gas station. "Let's drive-thru for some 32s"  
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Past Words of the Day

In irresponsible (yet funny) fashion, the UW student government orchestrated an early-morning smattering of pink flamingos (over 1,000 of them) on the lawn in from of Bascom Hall. These shenanigans were typical of the student government in those days (this prank in 1979). For years pink flamingos would adorn apartments, dorm rooms, and front lawns around campus.

A type of relish made primarily from peppers, beans and onions.

A six-legged cat beast in Cherokee mythology that has different story variations, depending on where you are (Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee).

A school restroom.

"Notsoberfest" takes place the last weekend of September, kicking off La Crosse's famous Oktoberfest celebration. People stand around in beer tents and down pitcher after pitcher of beer. Just about everyone there is "not sober".