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Minnesota Taglines

  1. Canada Lite
  2. Land of 10,000 Lakes and Brett Favre
  3. Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins
Past Words of the Day
The North Bay village, so dubbed due to its Brazilian population.

Louisiana swamps.

The rash one gets after swimming in Green Lake, a man-made lake located north of downtown on the other side of Lake Union. "The itch" is relatively harmless, but considering that it is caused by the many ducks and geese (and all that they secrete), it has caused many Seattlelites to swim elsewhere.

Many houses built in the inner city of Milwaukee that have a second or sometimes third unit in the lower bottom of the house sometimes known in other areas as the basement.

The pizza principle is a well-known economic law in New York that makes the price of either a slice of pizza or a subway ride increase when the other does. Also called the "pizza connection".