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Minnesota Taglines

  1. Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins
  2. Land of 10,000 Lakes and Brett Favre
  3. Canada Lite
Past Words of the Day

1. Also referred to as the Ban roll-on building, just as a similar building in Portland, Oregon is called.

2. A common nickname for the Second and Seneca Building because of its resemblance to the blue, dome-headed droid in Star Wars.

A rodent that comprises an important segment of the fur trade in Louisiana but is generally considered a pest elsewhere.

32 ounces of soda, normally obtained at a drive-thru window at a gas station. "Let's drive-thru for some 32s"

Pimento cheese, a popular local snack-food/condiment, often eaten in a sandwich on white bread with mayo.

A nickname for the city of Indianapolis, a reference to the circular shape of its city limits.