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1. Minnesota Nice: Refers to the affable demeanor rumored to be common in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas (although the vali...  
2. Saintly City, The: One of the many nicknames for Saint Paul.  
3. Saint Paulite: Person from the St. Paul area. This is what they would be called.  
1. CafĂ© Latte: An eatery in St. Paul that offers a gourmet "cafeteria", a bakery and a pizza/wine bar.  
1. Summit-Selby: A higher-end, now multi-ethnic neighborhood with a number of fine Victorian houses from the 19th century.  
2. Frogtown: An area of St. Paul with a large concentration of Asian restaurants and stores.  
3. Cities, The: Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.  
1. St. Paul Arts Crawl: An artist-run showcase where works are displayed at a variety of venues throughout the city.  
2. St. Paul Winter Carnival: Celebrates the unique history and heritage of St. Paul with a parade and other events; generally in January or Febr...  
3. Taste of Minnesota: Minnesota's largest free festival, on Harriet Island; food, live entertainment, etc.  
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"HealthEast Nurse-Midwives: providers who support the normal birth process at St. Joseph's hospital~including waterbirth!" Edit | History
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