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1. Matt's Bar: Matt's Bar is a south Minneapolis establishment that is often credited with inventing the Jucy Lucy, a cheeseburger...
2. Sew Biz Tailoring: Tailor, Clothing Alterations, Hemmings, Sewing Service, Reweaving, Tailoring Service, Clothing Restyling, Clothing ...
3. Quarry, The: A shopping center convenient to the University of Minnesota.  
4. Excelsior Bay Books: An independent bookstore on Water Street in Minneapolis.  
5. Burrito Loco: Burrito Loco is a restaurant/bar in Dinkytown next to the University of Minnesota. The concept has become a favor...  
6. Strib: (noun) Common nickname for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a daily newspaper.  
7. Good Neighbor to the Northwest, The: (noun) Longtime slogan of WCCO, 830 AM. More commonly "The Good Neighbor" in more recent years.  
8. Mesa Pizza By the Slice: Small pizza place in Dinkytown selling specialty pizza's with a wide variety of toppings. The restaurant is very si...  
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