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106. U, The: "The U" is how Minneapolitans (and most Minnesotans) refer to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. One of the ...  
107. Uptown: An unofficial 'neighborhood' near the lakes; a popular area for restaurants, bars, and shopping.  
108. MOA: Mall of America  
109. Hiawatha Line: Currently the only line on the Twin Cities Light Rail - runs from Downtown through the airport to the Mall of Ameri...  
110. Twinsville: The neighborhood with new developments going up around the new Twins stadium on the north side of downtown Minneapo...  
111. Minneapolitans: Minneapolitans is the nickname for residents of Minneapolis.  
112. Mayslack's Polka Lounge: On North 4th, Northeast in Minneapolis, home of the legendary one-pound hot roast beef sandwich, "since 1955", and ...  
113. Kramarczuk's Eastern European Deli: A remnant of the Eastern European presence in northeastern Minneapolis; offers a great selection of authentic Old W...  
114. Art Car Parade: An annual event in South Minneapolis, where the proud owners of uniquely painted or decorated cars can showcase the...  
115. Lyndale Avenue South: A major north-south thoroughfare in Minneapolis; the southern part is known for its shops, cafes, and bars.  
116. Nye's Polonaise Room: A one-of-a-kind Minneapolis polka-pub, loved by locals for its delightfully kitschy decor, low-brow atmosphere and ...  
117. Beltrami: An artsy/bohemian area in northeast Minneapolis  
118. Architect Ave: A picturesque street in the Columbia Park area with houses designed by prominent architects in the 30s, 40s, and 50...  
119. CARAG: The 'Calhoun Area Residents Action Group'; an acronym-ed uptown Minneapolis neighborhood.  
120. Kondirator: A controversial metal mill that shreds and compacts scrap metal.  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
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Vacuum cleaner.

A nickname for Fort Worth, Texas.

This is an endearing nickname for New York, New York. Although most would regard New York City as more influential than the rest of the state in its entirety, this double naming causes problems for upstaters when they tell people where they're from when abroad. (People in other countries are often unaware that New York is both a state and a city.)

The oldest coffeehouse in New Orleans, famous for beignets and chicory-laced coffee.

When we see Canadian tourists, they are called 'the 905' due to their area code. The Canadian tourists are known to be bad drivers, bad tippers, and just rude.