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76. Red Balloon Bookstore: An independent children's bookstore on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.  
77. Grand Old Day: A summertime celebration on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, to benefit the historic street and its merchants.  
78. Cities, The: A nickname referring to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  
79. Cheeseheads: Anyone from Wisconsin.  
80. Pulse TC: The Twin Cities' once popular but now defunct progressive/independent newspaper.  
81. Minneapolis Central Library: A landmark civic building downtown; also, Minnesota's main library.  
82. St. Paul Arts Crawl: An artist-run showcase where works are displayed at a variety of venues throughout the city.  
83. Skyways: Enclosed breezeways that connect buildings to each other and allow for pedestrian traffic.  
84. St. Paul Pioneer Press: A newspaper serving the Twin Cities region  
85. HHH Metrodome: The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome is best known for being home to the Minnesota Vikings. The dome has capacity of up...  
86. Honey Sunflower Ice Cream: A cherished and delicious tradition at the Minnesota State Fair, vanilla or chocolate ice cream flavored with swirl...  
87. Summit Avenue: The longest and best-preserved row of Victorian mansions in the United States.  
88. St. Paul RiverCentre: A downtown convention center on the banks of the Mississippi; hotels, dining, parking, visitor attractions, and NHL...  
89. Rice Park: The site of a major wetland in the area, Rice Lake, and a popular area for camping, skiing, or snowmobiling.  
90. Harriet Island: A 100-year-old public park centrally located in the Twin Cities, host to picnic areas, concerts, festivals, fairs, ...  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
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A derogatory local nickname for Albany invoked by its more disenchanted residents.

An act first practiced at Brookfield Central High School in the mid-1990s. Several students from the Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield, being of a gentle disposition, sought a safer and more sanitary form of humiliation than the traditional swirlie, which involves holding someone's head in a toilet and then flushing. The new "Brookfield swirlie" consisted of holding the victim's head down on...

really excellent; often combined with "wicked" (wicked-pissah)