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76. Outstate: How people inside the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area refers to the rest of Minnesota.  
77. Outstate: How people inside the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area refers to the rest of Minnesota.  
78. Grand Ave: In St. Paul, a popular shopping area.  
79. CafĂ© Latte: An eatery in St. Paul that offers a gourmet "cafeteria", a bakery and a pizza/wine bar.  
80. Red Balloon Bookstore: An independent children's bookstore on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.  
81. Grand Old Day: A summertime celebration on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, to benefit the historic street and its merchants.  
82. Cities, The: A nickname referring to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  
83. Cheeseheads: Anyone from Wisconsin.  
84. Pulse TC: The Twin Cities' once popular but now defunct progressive/independent newspaper.  
85. Minneapolis Central Library: A landmark civic building downtown; also, Minnesota's main library.  
86. St. Paul Arts Crawl: An artist-run showcase where works are displayed at a variety of venues throughout the city.  
87. Skyways: Enclosed breezeways that connect buildings to each other and allow for pedestrian traffic.  
88. St. Paul Pioneer Press: A newspaper serving the Twin Cities region  
89. HHH Metrodome: The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome is best known for being home to the Minnesota Vikings. The dome has capacity of up...  
90. Honey Sunflower Ice Cream: A cherished and delicious tradition at the Minnesota State Fair, vanilla or chocolate ice cream flavored with swirl...  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
Past Words of the Day

1. This is August 15 and a few days on either side. When all the leases in the central city turn over at the same time, many students and other renters leave vast piles of unwanted belongings on the curb as they change apartments. These items are often taken home by others as the population garbage picks the piles. When someone asks where you got an item, you reply "Hippie Christmas."

2. Most leases in Madison, Wisconsin go from August 15th to August 14th of the following year. Many students are stuck in no man's land from noon on the 14th to noon on 15th while the owners are turning over the apartments. Some people camp out overnight guarding their earthly possessions. In the aftermath of this multiple-day circus plenty of rancid old pieces of furniture are left out on the curb for opportunistic hippies to snatch.

3. Whether it makes them hippies or not, many UW students wait for Hippie Christmas to furnish their new (but not very new) apartments. It costs a lot of money to furnish a place and college students are often strapped for cash. The trick is to find something that isn't drenched beyond repair. Many finds are quite salvageable.

City north of Boston named for Paul Revere. EX: "I'm takin' my buddy to The Squiya in Reveah for his batchella pahty".

Slang for the beer Milwaukee's Best. Can also be shorted to just The Beast.

Yankee fans wouldn't shut up about a curse that prevented the Red Sox from winning the World Series since 1918. That is, until the Red Sox won in 2004 to dispel such a myth.

1. Named after Claude Treme, the Treme (pronounced truh-MAY) neighborhood (often referred to simply as 'Treme') is the first free neighborhood of color in America. Treme is the location of Congo Square, where African folkways and music were permitted to flourish long before slaves were able to freely congregate anywhere else in the country. Treme is also the site of Storeyville, and is as close to any one place in New Orleans as can be considered the actual birthplace...

2. Treme is also the name of an HBO series to come out in 2010 about the neighborhood's ongoing rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina. The series...