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31. Lake Superior: The Great Lake nearest the Twin Cities, and the world's largest freshwater lake.  
32. LRT: Light Rail Transit  
33. North Minneapolis: The area north of Glenwood Avenue, and between the Mississippi River and Theodore Wirth Parkway.  
34. CODEFOR: Uses computers to track crime patterns in Minneapolis.  
35. Prairie-Style Houses: Low lying, natural wood and stone, natural windows; pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright.  
36. Colonials: Two-story box-like houses with symmetrical windows and a central door.  
37. Tudors: Houses featuring steep roofs, dark wood sides, and stone arches.  
38. Neighborhood Revitalization Program: A program focused on empowering residents to become involved in decision processes related to improving their neigh...  
39. Frat Row: A section of University Ave. in Minneapolis.  
40. Radio K: The University of Minnesota student-run radio station.  
41. Radio K: The University of Minnesota student-run radio station.  
42. Minnesota Daily, The: The campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota, one of the largest college newspapers in the U.S.  
43. Minnesota Daily, The: The campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota, one of the largest college newspapers in the U.S.  
44. Fred, The: The Weisman Art Museum, a modern museum, art gallery, and architectural landmark.  
45. Stadium Village: A shopping and dining area east of the University of Minnesota's East Bank campus.  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
Past Words of the Day

1. An adjective used to describe something that is Wisconsin-like, or a noun that simply means Wisconsinite. Wisconsinites are often called "Sconnies" outside of the state. The word is now gaining traction within Wisconsin as well, largely the result of the company "Sconnie Nation" that was founded by two UW-Madison students in their Lakeshore dorm room.

2. I beg to differ: my friends and I were using the term "Sconnie" during college in Madison in the 80's. I first heard it from a good friend who hailed from Oshkosh. He now lives in Seattle, and we bought some of the original Sconnie Nation sweatshirts several years ago and had a reunion, specifically to mourn the fact the WE didn't copyright the term. The Sconnie Nation owners can confirm this.

3. Although many naysayers are correct in saying that "Sconnie" is not a term often used by real Wisconsinites, it is certainly a legitimate term, as it is used in other states in reference to Wisconsinites. In Michigan, a Sconnie is someone from Wisconsin.

4. A bogus term made up to sell t-shirts. True Wisconsinites will confirm that no one from Wisconsin uses this term to refer to each other.

Term for the organized carpooling system in San Francisco where carpoolers meet at a designated spot and share rides. Started in the mid 1970s when oil prices were sky-high, casual car pools are not run by an established organization, but are rather arranged ad hoc and continue on tradition. People involved will know the pickup and drop-off points, as well as the rules--the most important of which is that there's no money exchanged between drivers and riders.

The intersection of Stewart Avenue and 17th Avenue on Wausau's Southwest side, known because there are so many stoplight that the intersection is lit up like a Christmas tree. The intersection used to hold some sort of record for the number of lights used, but construction has since decreased the actual number (although there are still a lot).

Guy in midtown Atlanta who marches around, twirling a baton. An inspiration for many.

A breakfast that incorporates bourbon, or is comprised of bourbon.