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31. Lake Superior: The Great Lake nearest the Twin Cities, and the world's largest freshwater lake.  
32. LRT: Light Rail Transit  
33. North Minneapolis: The area north of Glenwood Avenue, and between the Mississippi River and Theodore Wirth Parkway.  
34. CODEFOR: Uses computers to track crime patterns in Minneapolis.  
35. Prairie-Style Houses: Low lying, natural wood and stone, natural windows; pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright.  
36. Colonials: Two-story box-like houses with symmetrical windows and a central door.  
37. Tudors: Houses featuring steep roofs, dark wood sides, and stone arches.  
38. Neighborhood Revitalization Program: A program focused on empowering residents to become involved in decision processes related to improving their neigh...  
39. Frat Row: A section of University Ave. in Minneapolis.  
40. Radio K: The University of Minnesota student-run radio station.  
41. Radio K: The University of Minnesota student-run radio station.  
42. Minnesota Daily, The: The campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota, one of the largest college newspapers in the U.S.  
43. Minnesota Daily, The: The campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota, one of the largest college newspapers in the U.S.  
44. Fred, The: The Weisman Art Museum, a modern museum, art gallery, and architectural landmark.  
45. Stadium Village: A shopping and dining area east of the University of Minnesota's East Bank campus.  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
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1. Going Great White is a funny mockumentary filmed in Oregon, WI by two Oregonians, Frank G Caruso and Frank X Sommers. Done in the same style as "Best in Show," "Going Great White" pokes fun at the world of Multi-Level Marketing with an over-the-top depiction of a fictional company, ONITRAC. Throughout the film, a camera crew follows around a number of different characters who try to push ONITRAC on family, friends, and co-workers in hopes of winning an award at the upcoming national convention. There are many laughs to be had with this one. However, if you're a multi-level marketer yourself, you might not find it funny.

2. Awesome mockumentary about ONITRAC, a fictional MLM scheme that is frighteningly similar to real MLM schemes. It is a little over-the-top, but unfortunately its portrayal of the pyramid scheme world isn't too far from reality.

Refers to the extensive Internet resources offered by the Library of Congress.

1. Named after Claude Treme, the Treme (pronounced truh-MAY) neighborhood (often referred to simply as 'Treme') is the first free neighborhood of color in America. Treme is the location of Congo Square, where African folkways and music were permitted to flourish long before slaves were able to freely congregate anywhere else in the country. Treme is also the site of Storeyville, and is as close to any one place in New Orleans as can be considered the actual birthplace...

2. Treme is also the name of an HBO series to come out in 2010 about the neighborhood's ongoing rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina. The series...

Original nickname for the Syracuse University sports teams. No, it has nothing to do with crackers, but rather Syracuse's prominence in the salt trade. The Saltine Warriors then became the Orangemen, and then the more gender-neutral Orange.

Stretch of Peachtree Rd in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta that is marked by the presence of a number of large churches built close together.