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181. Mayo Clinic: A world-class medical facility and medical school in Rochester, Mayo Clinic is never pronounced with "the" in front...  
182. Best Place to Live: Rochesterians take pride in their city and weren't surprised by Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" survey putti...  
183. Rochesterian: Rochesterian is a nickname for a Rochester resident.  
184. Largest Ear of Corn in the World: Outside the Seneca food processing plant there's a huge water tower that is supposedly the world's largest ear of c...  
185. No Natural Lakes: An oddity in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Rochester (as well as the entire Olmsted County) doesn't have a single nat...  
186. Air-Conditioned City: Nickname for Duluth because of the cooling effect of Lake Superior in the summer months.  
187. Emerald City on the Hill: Nickname for the city of Duluth  
188. Valley, The: Apple Valley aka "The Valley" is one of the greatest cities in the world. Unlike many other hometowns, most college...  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
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Slang for someone from Newark

Remote control

"Smog Angeles" is what many San Diegans call Los Angeles, the rival city to the north.

Tyme is money, as the old Tyme slogan went...

1. ATMs in southern Wisconsin used to run under the brand Take Your Money Everywhere or TYME. The iconic machines were known as Tyme Machines instead of ATMs. They were notorious for "closing" with a sliding iron door coming down just when one needed to make a withdrawal. Visitors likely believed the worst of Madison's detractors when locals asked "Is the Tyme machine open?"

2. This is Madison speak for ATM. Many newcomers are puzzled when an old-school Wisconsinite asks them for a "Tyme machine."

3. It wasn't just southern wisconsin, it was most of if not all of the state. Before there were debit cards, there were Tyme cards!

4. The first ATMs were brought to Milwaukee through the M&I Bank. The president of M&I at the time was Dennis Keuster. He had the foresight to see that this would revolutionize banking.

Milorganite is the brand name of a fertilizer that the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District started producing during the 1940s. Yes, it was made from the sewerage in Milwaukee treatment plant. The name is a contraction of Milwaukee Organic Nitrogen.