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151. Elliot Park: A neighborhood just east of downtown Minneapolis and one of the oldest neighborhoods, notable for its brownstone ro...  
152. Joe's Market and Deli: A deli-type restaurant near the University of Minnesota that features Lebanese food.  
153. Loring CafĂ©: A live music venue on Harmon Place in Minneapolis.  
154. Goldy: The large gopher mascot of the University of Minnesota.  
155. Mississippi Mile: The area richest in local history, the district where milling, brewing, and electric power built Minneapolis around...  
156. Red Eye Collaboration: A multidisciplinary center for the arts, dedicated to innovative/alternative works of art.  
157. Grand Rounds Scenic Byway: A linked series of park areas in Minneapolis.  
158. Chain of Lakes: The district in Minneapolis that surrounds the lake parkland; part of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway.  
159. Minnesota Nice: Refers to the affable demeanor rumored to be common in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas (although the vali...  
160. ECCO: East Calhoun  
161. Edina Art Fair: A nationally renowned fine art showcase taking place in late spring/early summer in St. Paul.  
162. White Bear Lake: One of the biggest lakes in the Twin City area; the name originates in Native American legend.  
163. Hell's Kitchen: "Damn good food by celebrated chefs" on South 10th Street in Minneapolis.  
164. Minneapolis College of Art and Design: An internationally recognized art college in south Minneapolis that has been around for over 100 years.  
165. Cheapo: A used music and movie chain in the Minnesota/St. Paul area, started in 1972.  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
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Reference to the CTA trains, which run elevated from the streets.

Gilligan's Island is a group of boaters that anchor near Mud Lake on Yahara River. On summer weekends dozens of boats can be found anchoring. If you're driving on the Beltline you can see the boats if you look to your south.

1. dinner

2. The word supper (pronounced suppah) is most often used in Boston for the last meal of the day. Most parts of the country say dinner. The dinner vs. supper phenomenon is actually a pretty complicated ones with regional, class, and culinary implication. Boston is nonetheless supper-dominant.

1. Radio personality and television producer Johnny Grant currently holds this appointed and purely ceremonial position

2. Iconic spokesman for the LA area as a radio personality, died January 9th, 2008.

1. A nickname for Seattle that hearkens back to the Alaska Gold Rush, when prospectors would get outfitted in Seattle and then travel north along the Inside Passage to Alaska.

2. A (laughable) nickname for Seattle. Seattle is perhaps more aptly described as the Gateway to the Pacific.