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151. Grumpy's Nordeast: Northeast Minneapolis bar featuring plentiful local beers and a semi-secret fire pit.
152. 331 Club: Northeast Minneapolis bar featuring free live music every night of the week, trivia and Blingo.
153. Mesa Pizza By the Slice: Small pizza place in Dinkytown selling specialty pizza's with a wide variety of toppings. The restaurant is very si...  
154. Moneyapolis: An endearing term for Minneapolis, used mostly by the younger crowd.  
155. Mini Apple, The: The Mini Apple is a playful nickname for Minneapolis. It's not quite the Big Apple (New York), but is apple-worthy ...  
156. Flour City: A nickname for Minneapolis, largely a result of its long history of wheat milling. General Mills, a huge flour powe...  
157. Med City: Med City is a nickname given to the city of Rochester because of its world famous Mayo Clinic. A number of local bu...  
158. Mayo Clinic: A world-class medical facility and medical school in Rochester, Mayo Clinic is never pronounced with "the" in front...  
159. Best Place to Live: Rochesterians take pride in their city and weren't surprised by Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" survey putti...  
160. Rochesterian: Rochesterian is a nickname for a Rochester resident.  
161. Largest Ear of Corn in the World: Outside the Seneca food processing plant there's a huge water tower that is supposedly the world's largest ear of c...  
162. No Natural Lakes: An oddity in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Rochester (as well as the entire Olmsted County) doesn't have a single nat...  
163. Air-Conditioned City: Nickname for Duluth because of the cooling effect of Lake Superior in the summer months.  
164. Emerald City on the Hill: Nickname for the city of Duluth  
165. Valley, The: Apple Valley aka "The Valley" is one of the greatest cities in the world. Unlike many other hometowns, most college...  
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Minnesota Tagline
"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
Past Words of the Day

A nickname locals use for Springfield. Contrary to its size, SpringVegas has something for everyone.

Big-Z is the nickname of Chicago Cubs' pitcher Carlos Zambrano. The 6'5" native of Venezuela is one of the better pitchers in the game today and is one of the best hitting pitcher in the modern era with a career batting average around .240 and legitimate home run power.

While outsiders might assume you can borrow money from your buddy and he will lend it to you, in Wisconsin we borrow everything. i.e. "Can you borrow me ten bucks?" "No, sorry. I can't borrow it to you 'cuz then I won't have enough left for the brat fry."

1. Mt. Horeble, or Mt. Horrible, is a derogatory name for the town, often invoked by local high schoolers to describe Mt. Horeb's alleged lackluster assets or traditional, closed mindset

2. I've lived in Mt. Horeb and I've never heard this nickname.

3. A playfully derogatory nickname for Mount Horeb.

A nickname for the Dinkytown area that is earned by the many rowdy college kids that live in the neighborhood.