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136. Sugar Loaf: Sugar loaf is a big rock formation that protrudes from a bluff overlooking the outskirts of Winona, Minnesota. Suga...  
137. Sconie: A noun that describes either a person from Wisconsin or the state of Wisconsin itself.  
138. Mississippi Market: A natural food co-op offering delicious and nutritious edibles to both members and non-members. Try the ziggy-zag c...  
139. Saintly City, The: One of the many nicknames for Saint Paul.  
140. Bat Watching: The intersection of Lake of the Isles Pkwy and Euclid is a great place to watch swarms of bats fly in circles above...  
141. Gingko Trees: On 27th St. between Hennepin Ave. and Lake of the Isles grows dozens of large Ginkgo trees.  
142. Saint Paulite: Person from the St. Paul area. This is what they would be called.  
143. Kenny School: A gifted catalyst school in Windom.  
144. Nicollet Mall: An 8-block commercial strip closed to cars.  
145. Powderhorn: The Minneapolis neighborhood surrounding Powderhorn Park.  
146. Grand Avenue: A street known for its restored houses and unique shops.  
147. Downtown West: In the heart of Minneapolis commercial district; the area where Nicollet Mall and the Central Library are located.  
148. Cooper: The Minneapolis neighborhood famous for being the area where former Governor Jesse Ventura grew up.  
149. Leif Ericsson Memorial: A statue on the grounds of the State Capitol, erected to honor the rich Scandinavian heritage of the area.  
150. Frogtown: An area of St. Paul with a large concentration of Asian restaurants and stores.  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
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The top of the hill.

1. The annual Crazylegs Classic is an 8k (roughly 5 mile) run or a 2 mile walk. It starts on the Capitol Square and end on the field at Camp Randall Stadium. It started in 1982 and has grown to a race of almost 15,000 by 2007. The race has received national recognition as America's Best 100 Events in Runner's World Magazine. I can personally attest that this is a very fun event. They even have beer for you after you run! 2008 Update: The race this year was quite cold. The temp was in the forties but the 30mph wind made it seem colder. However, the cold didn't seem to hurt the attendance as it was a new record at over 17,000.

2. A great tradition in Madison that got better with the addition of wave starts. It used to be a two mile walk followed by a three mile run after you passed all the people that started way ahead of their actual mile pace. One can actually run the entire race now. A little pricey for just a tshirt but I guess you do get beer at the end and the money goes to a good cause. THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT. Gotta support those non rev sports.

Found in old NYC neighborhoods, most famously and densely in Brooklyn, this is a term used for homes made from "brownstone," which is a brown sandstone. The Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn has the most brownstones in NYC. Many people think of The Cosby Show's Huxtable family when they think of Brooklyn brownstones (as they lived in a traditional Brooklyn brownstone).

This slang for rubber bands in Pittsburgh speak, not to be confused with bubble gum bands, which are singing groups without instrumental accompaniment.

For some reason, low-numbered license plates have become a status symbol in Rhode Island, to the point of a rash of illegal auctions taking place for these prestigious items.