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136. Paisley Park: Prince's recording studios located on Highway 5 at Audubon Road.  
137. Temple of ECK: Golden, ziggurat-topped headquarters of the ECKANKAR religion.  
138. Cake Eater: An originally derisive (yet, now humorously accepted) term for an Edina resident, which highlights the stereotype o...  
139. Chan: A shortened form of Chanhassen, used when locals want to save a few syllables when talking about the city.  
140. Lion's Tap: A restaurant/bar off of Flying Cloud Drive, famous for their hamburgers.  
141. Chanhassen Dinner Theatres: A well-known and longtime dinner theatre that stages professional productions of plays and musicals.  
142. MOA: A shortened form of Mall of America.  
143. BFM: A shortened form for Mall of America, standing for big, frickin' mall. See also: MOA.  
144. Good Neighbor to the Northwest, The: (noun) Longtime slogan of WCCO, 830 AM. More commonly "The Good Neighbor" in more recent years.  
145. Sugar Loaf: Sugar loaf is a big rock formation that protrudes from a bluff overlooking the outskirts of Winona, Minnesota. Suga...  
146. Sconie: A noun that describes either a person from Wisconsin or the state of Wisconsin itself.  
147. Mississippi Market: A natural food co-op offering delicious and nutritious edibles to both members and non-members. Try the ziggy-zag c...  
148. Saintly City, The: One of the many nicknames for Saint Paul.  
149. Bat Watching: The intersection of Lake of the Isles Pkwy and Euclid is a great place to watch swarms of bats fly in circles above...  
150. Gingko Trees: On 27th St. between Hennepin Ave. and Lake of the Isles grows dozens of large Ginkgo trees.  
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"Land of 10,000 Lakes and zero Super Bowl wins" Edit | History
Past Words of the Day

A reference to Scottsdale's "upper-crusty" atmosphere.

Short for "package store" and slang for a liquor store.

A nickname for the Dinkytown area that is earned by the many rowdy college kids that live in the neighborhood.

Yankee fans wouldn't shut up about a curse that prevented the Red Sox from winning the World Series since 1918. That is, until the Red Sox won in 2004 to dispel such a myth.

Common phrase that you learn and laugh at in elementary school in WC. Refers to the fact that you can go into town via High Street, then hang a right on Gay Street and exit town to the east side.