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1. Mile, The: A reference to 7 Mile Road.  
2. Isle, The: An island in Detroit where people stunt on each other and have fun.  
3. Detroit Techno: A distinct musical movement in Detroit which originated in the early 1990's and survives today.  
4. Lou's Deli: A famous deli widespread around the city, known for its corned beef sandwiches.  
5. Ren Cen, The: Also known as the Renaissance Center.  
6. Coney Island: A restaurant chain in Detroit known for its cheap but amazing food.  
7. Big Two, The: General Motors and Ford, the two major automotive companies in the city.  
8. Da Dead Wings: A reference to the Detroit Wings when they lose.  
9. Down River: Areas south of Metro Detroit.  
10. Windsor Ballet: Strip clubs in neighboring Windsor.  
11. Bad Boys: Former name for the Detroit Pistons.  
12. Friendly, The: Another name for the Detroit Free Press Newspaper.  
13. Kwame Kilpatrick: Detroit's current mayor (2008).  
14. MGM Grand Detroit: Recently opened resort in downtown Detroit.  
15. Greektown Historical District: A popular restaurant and entertainment district, having many restaurants that serve authentic Greek cuisine. Many ...  
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