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Detroit Words & Expressions

1. Arsenal of Democracy: A term for Detroit coined by former president Franklin Roosevelt during the second World War to describe the transi...  
2. Bad Boys: Former name for the Detroit Pistons.  
3. Down River: Areas south of Metro Detroit.  
4. Da Dead Wings: A reference to the Detroit Wings when they lose.  
5. Motor City: A nickname for Detroit because it's the original heart of the automotive industry.  
6. D-Town: Another name for Detroit.  
7. Hockeytown: Another name for Detroit, an allusion to the city's strong hockey heritage.  
8. 3-1-3, The: An allusion to the city of Detroit's area code.  
9. Friendly, The: Another name for the Detroit Free Press Newspaper.  
Detroit Tagline
"Detroit otherwise known as the "D"." Edit | History