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121. da mine: da local employer  
122. da yoopers: local band - very goofy  
123. Pasty: It is a baked savoury pastry case traditionally filled with diced meat, sliced potato and onion  
124. Venice  
125. Hematite: HS Team name  
126. Twin Cities: refers to Ishpeming and Negaunee combined...funny eh!  
127. trolls: people who live south of da bridge  
128. NMU: da local college in marquette  
129. Al Quaal: local ski place  
130. Jonnies: Old downtown restaurant  
131. Houghton Tech: Refers to Michigan Tech in Houghton  
132. FU: Refers to Finlandia university in da copper country  
133. Copper Country: Area north of Houghton  
134. NIT: Negaunee Invitational Tournament...huge basketball event  
135. Finn: People of Finish origins.  
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A reference to Scottsdale's "upper-crusty" atmosphere.

A baked casserole dish that is commonly eaten in Minnesota homes. Popular varieties include Tator Tot hotdish, Party Potatoes (aka Funeral Potatoes), Green Bean casserole and Wild Rice casserole. Many of these are cooked with Campbell's Soup such as Cream of Chicken.

Nickname for Atlanta that comes from the generally sticky-hot weather in the city.

A nickname for Fort Worth, Texas.

A six-legged cat beast in Cherokee mythology that has different story variations, depending on where you are (Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee).