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121. Cudaghi: Italian sausage  
122. Yooper: Someone who is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Kinda goofy to eh!  
123. Teepee: Aint no leavin til yer heavin. Local establishment downtown.  
124. Old Ish: da statue of da founder  
125. go greenbay: Pilgramage to da big city.  
126. da mine: da local employer  
127. da yoopers: local band - very goofy  
128. Pasty: It is a baked savoury pastry case traditionally filled with diced meat, sliced potato and onion  
129. Venice  
130. Hematite: HS Team name  
131. Twin Cities: refers to Ishpeming and Negaunee combined...funny eh!  
132. trolls: people who live south of da bridge  
133. NMU: da local college in marquette  
134. Al Quaal: local ski place  
135. Jonnies: Old downtown restaurant  
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