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121. 8 Mile Road: The boundary between Detroit and Detroit's northern suburbs in Oakland and Macomb Counties. Also known as 8 mile, i...  
122. Motown: Record label originating from Detroit. It was the focal point of black music in the 1960’s. It is responsible for t...  
123. Detroit Opera House: The city’s oldest opera house, it played host to famous artists such as Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, it was ...  
124. Bayfront Park: A park in Petoskey located on Lake Michigan's Little Traverse Bay where bike paths, ball fields, and marina converg...
125. Motor City: A nickname for Detroit because it's the original heart of the automotive industry.  
126. D, The: Also a nickname for Detroit. This slang term is mostly used by Detroiters themselves, and unfortunately may be a t...  
127. Cudaghi: Italian sausage  
128. Yooper: Someone who is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Kinda goofy to eh!  
129. Teepee: Aint no leavin til yer heavin. Local establishment downtown.  
130. Old Ish: da statue of da founder  
131. go greenbay: Pilgramage to da big city.  
132. da mine: da local employer  
133. da yoopers: local band - very goofy  
134. Pasty: It is a baked savoury pastry case traditionally filled with diced meat, sliced potato and onion  
135. Venice  
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Marinara sauce

The correct reference to Pleasant Valley. Friends don't let friends move to west LR.

Local Artist 'EROS ONE

(noun) Nickname for Minneapolis, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s; meant as a contrast to "The Big Apple", New York City.

Lake Champlain's version of the Loch Ness Monster. People have reported seeing a monster in the lake for hundreds of years. In fact, the monster regardless of its actual existance is protected by both Vermont and New York laws. There was a monument to Champ erected in 1984, at the end of Burlington's Perkins Pier.

Someone with a strong Pittsburgh accent