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106. River Days: A five day festival on the International Riverfront. On the final day, a fireworks extravaganza is held which has ...  
107. North American International Auto Show: Held at the Cobo Center, the auto show for a while was the only one in the country; however, it remains the largest...  
108. Spirit of Detroit: Located at the Coleman A Young Municipal Center, it is a large bronze statue depicting a man with two symbolic obje...  
109. Detroit Tigers: Detroit's professional baseball team, also one of the oldest teams in Major League Baseball.  
110. Detroit Red Wings: One of professional hockey's most successful and popular teams, the Red Wings have won more Stanley Cups than any o...  
111. Motor City Bowl: Held every year at Ford Field, the bowl is a major postseason college football bowl game.  
112. Henry Ford: The former owner and founder of the Ford Motor Company. He became world famous with his company's release of the F...  
113. Detroit Free Press: Also known as the "Freep," the Detroit Free Press is Detroit's largest and most widely distributed newspaper.  
114. Michael Moore: World famous and controversial movie director and native of Flint.  
115. Michigan Times, The: a student newspaper at the University of Michigan-Flint.  
116. Uncommon Sense, The: A recent publication featuring critical journalism, satirical cartoons, and articles on music and nightlife.  
117. Flint Generals: A professional ice hockey team based in Flint.  
118. 5th Ward: Predominantly African-American neighborhood on the city’s northside.  
119. Pride, The: Fans of the Detroit Lions football team.  
120. Rock City: Detroit is called Rock City ever since Kiss came out with the song "Detroit Rock City"  
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Montana is known as the "Last Best Place" to locals. After the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was captured in a remote cabin outside Lincoln, Montana, Montana became pretty popular in the media as a great hiding place. People were actually printing t-shirts with an outline of the state of Montana, a depiction of Ted Kaczynski's headshot with his unkempt hair, as well as the "Last Best Place" mantra with the word "hiding" scribbled in between 'best' and 'place.'

This is what 'water' sounds like when pronounced by a local Philadelphian.

1. The virgin vault was the former all-female Elizabeth Waters dormitory at the University of Wisconsin. It has recently been made co-ed, however, so the virigns have been let out of the vault.

2. Also formerly referred to...

A Colorado-style pizza, made with honey in the crust and often topped with a spicy sauce.

A perennial New York dessert featured on Seinfeld, usually consisting of a round, cake-like cookie topped with half-vanilla and half-chocolate icing. Also referred to as the Half and Half Cookie.