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106. Henry Ford: The former owner and founder of the Ford Motor Company. He became world famous with his company's release of the F...  
107. Detroit Free Press: Also known as the "Freep," the Detroit Free Press is Detroit's largest and most widely distributed newspaper.  
108. Michael Moore: World famous and controversial movie director and native of Flint.  
109. Michigan Times, The: a student newspaper at the University of Michigan-Flint.  
110. Uncommon Sense, The: A recent publication featuring critical journalism, satirical cartoons, and articles on music and nightlife.  
111. Flint Generals: A professional ice hockey team based in Flint.  
112. 5th Ward: Predominantly African-American neighborhood on the city’s northside.  
113. Pride, The: Fans of the Detroit Lions football team.  
114. Rock City: Detroit is called Rock City ever since Kiss came out with the song "Detroit Rock City"  
115. 8 Mile Road: The boundary between Detroit and Detroit's northern suburbs in Oakland and Macomb Counties. Also known as 8 mile, i...  
116. Motown: Record label originating from Detroit. It was the focal point of black music in the 1960’s. It is responsible for t...  
117. Detroit Opera House: The city’s oldest opera house, it played host to famous artists such as Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, it was ...  
118. Bayfront Park: A park in Petoskey located on Lake Michigan's Little Traverse Bay where bike paths, ball fields, and marina converg...
119. Motor City: A nickname for Detroit because it's the original heart of the automotive industry.  
120. D, The: Also a nickname for Detroit. This slang term is mostly used by Detroiters themselves, and unfortunately may be a t...  
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(noun) Round dessert treat common throughout Maine consisting of a marshmallow filling in between two firm pieces of cake (usually chocolate). Its shape resembles a hamburger in a bun.

The native Rhode Islanders' reference to the hordes of tourists from Massachusetts who swarm their beaches each summer.

This is one of the common nicknames for Solid Rock Church's enormous sculpture of Jesus Christ. Rising 62 feet high this sculpture is hard to miss. It is located on the east side of I-75 north of Cincinnati. While it has other nicknames such Touchdown Jesus, I really like the name Butter Jesus. In the right light, it looks just like a giant butter sculpture.

1. Mid-City is one of the largest of New Orleans' 73 neighborhoods, and one of its most diverse. The neighborhood extends roughly from the Pontchartrain...

2. The famous Treme neighborhood is a sub-district of Mid-City

Sliding down snow or ice covered hills on "borrowed" cafeteria trays used as makeshift sleds or saucers, mostly by UW students, and particularly on the hill toward the lake from Observatory Drive near Elizabeth Waters Residence Hall (dorm), and less often down Bascom Hill or elsewhere around campus.