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76. Indian Village: Historic neighborhood located on Detroit's east side.  
77. Springwells Village: Located in southwest Detroit is near the Ford Motor company Ford Rouge Plant. Springwells Village is largely resid...  
78. Bagley: Located just west of the Palmer Woods, Bagley is a mostly African-American community.  
79. Corktown: The oldest surviving neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan.  
80. Campus Martius Park: Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, Campus Martius Park includes two stages, sculptures, public spaces, and a...  
81. Grand Circus Park: A five acre park in downtown Detroit which connects the city's financial and theater districts. The grounds includ...  
82. Ford Field: Home of the Detroit Lions, Ford Field is an indoor football stadium. It was host of the 35th Super Bowl in 2006.  
83. Detroit International Riverfront: The generic name given by a nonprofit city sponsored managing entity named the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. It ...  
84. Lafayette Park: Just east of downtown Detroit, Lafayette Park is a large park and complex of apartments and housing cooperatives.  
85. DTE Energy Music Theater: The venue for the biggest tours of the summer concert season, the DTE Energy Music Theatre is a 15,274-seat amphith...  
86. Pacers-Pistons Brawl: A 2004 fight between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons at the Palace at Auburn Hills. it attracted national a...  
87. Palace of Auburn Hills, The: Also known as simply The Palace, it is the sports venue which houses the Detroit Pistons since 1988.  
88. Detroit Theater District: Next to Broadway, the Detroit Theater District is the second largest in the United States. It includes roughly a d...  
89. Masonic Temple District: Large events venue located in downtown Detroit. It is also the largest Masonic Temple in the world.  
90. Berry Gordy Jr.: Founder of the Motown record label, Berry Gordy Jr. is a longtime Detroit resident.  
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Forbes Magazine bestowed this honor upon the Mile-High city in light of its record breaking contraceptive sales.

A favorite food of kids in the Milwaukee Public School System (MPS) and a Milwaukee classic! Pork shaped into a form kind of resembling a chicken drumstick, but really flat, coated, and fried.

Carry a heavy load or a bulky package for a distance: "The MTA is on strike every Christmas, so we schlep our packages from Macy's to Grand Central"

A Jucy Lucy is a cheeseburger which has the cheese inside the beef patty rather than on top. The origin of the Jucy Lucy is under dispute. Some claim that it originated at Matt's Bar in south Minneapolis while others suggest that it was invented at the 5-8 Club, another bar a short distance away (which spells it, "Juicy Lucy").

The nickname for the Brookland neighborhood due to its Catholic heritage.