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16. 3-1-3, The: An allusion to the city of Detroit's area code.  
17. Detroit News: A conservative newspaper, Detroit's second largest newspaper.  
18. Ford Motor Company: A major car manufacturing company which had its start in Detroit.  
19. Greektown Historical District: A popular restaurant and entertainment district, having many restaurants that serve authentic Greek cuisine. Many ...  
20. MGM Grand Detroit: Recently opened resort in downtown Detroit.  
21. Kwame Kilpatrick: Detroit's current mayor (2008).  
22. Friendly, The: Another name for the Detroit Free Press Newspaper.  
23. River Rat: The mascot for Huron High School located in Ann Arbor, MI.  
24. Naked Mile, The: The all but defunct annual tradition of U of M students running naked through the streets of Ann Arbor in April aft...  
25. Laliberte's Auto Center: We have the knowledge, tools, and caution that in unification become a force that gives perfect results! Call Lalib...
26. Conner Insurance Group: Conner Insurance Group is a full service independent insurance agency in Farmington Hills, Michigan that provides p...
27. Hambo Coney Island: At our restaurant offering American-style dining food, Hambo Coney Island in Ferndale, MI, we are focused on fillin...
28. Terrace Inn and 1911 Restaurant: Lodging, Bed And Breakfast, Hotel, Motel, Hotel with Room Service, Weddings
29. Wireless Warehouse USA: To get your iPhone repairs done by the experts that believe, the end of a comfort zone is the beginning of new achi...  
30. Language Link LLC: Language Center, Language School, Tutoring Center, Tutoring Services, Foreign Language Lessons, Child Tutoring, Spa...
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Freedom Cage is the brilliantly oxymoronic name given to the small chunk of asphalt designated as the place of protest outside the Pepsi Center for the Democratic National Convention. The place is...

"City of Trees" is the official nickname for the city of Boise. The name comes from the French word boisé, which means "wooded." Although historical perceptions of cities aren't necessarily relevant today, the "City of Trees" moniker suits Boise well because of the natural beauty in and around the city.

Bassett Street came within a vote of being renamed Ho Chi Minh Trail in the early 1970's as a protest against the Viet Nam War.

Nickname for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (or some claim the entire city of Oshkosh) referring to their heavy drinking reputation.

1. "Bennies" is more from the Jersey Shore and refers to people from other parts of the area visiting during the summer.

N=Northern NJ
N=NYC ...ies

2. Jersey slang for tourists.