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16. 3-1-3, The: An allusion to the city of Detroit's area code.  
17. Detroit News: A conservative newspaper, Detroit's second largest newspaper.  
18. Ford Motor Company: A major car manufacturing company which had its start in Detroit.  
19. Greektown Historical District: A popular restaurant and entertainment district, having many restaurants that serve authentic Greek cuisine. Many ...  
20. MGM Grand Detroit: Recently opened resort in downtown Detroit.  
21. Kwame Kilpatrick: Detroit's current mayor (2008).  
22. Friendly, The: Another name for the Detroit Free Press Newspaper.  
23. River Rat: The mascot for Huron High School located in Ann Arbor, MI.  
24. Naked Mile, The: The all but defunct annual tradition of U of M students running naked through the streets of Ann Arbor in April aft...  
25. Laliberte's Auto Center: We have the knowledge, tools, and caution that in unification become a force that gives perfect results! Call Lalib...
26. Conner Insurance Group: Conner Insurance Group is a full service independent insurance agency in Farmington Hills, Michigan that provides p...
27. Hambo Coney Island: At our restaurant offering American-style dining food, Hambo Coney Island in Ferndale, MI, we are focused on fillin...
28. Terrace Inn and 1911 Restaurant: Lodging, Bed And Breakfast, Hotel, Motel, Hotel with Room Service, Weddings
29. Wireless Warehouse USA: To get your iPhone repairs done by the experts that believe, the end of a comfort zone is the beginning of new achi...  
30. Language Link LLC: Language Center, Language School, Tutoring Center, Tutoring Services, Foreign Language Lessons, Child Tutoring, Spa...
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A heterosexual person in gay culture.

Racing a bicycle down a hill, starting at the Oregon Zoo. Riders will take MAX light rail to the zoo and repeat.

1. A nickname for Seattle that hearkens back to the Alaska Gold Rush, when prospectors would get outfitted in Seattle and then travel north along the Inside Passage to Alaska.

2. A (laughable) nickname for Seattle. Seattle is perhaps more aptly described as the Gateway to the Pacific.

The culmination of all run off and spillage from the beer vendors at a Madison Mallards game. The extra beer runs down a funnel into a bucket. Not for the faint of heart, but it doesnt taste all that bad, a little flat maybe.

Nickname for Atlanta that comes from the generally sticky-hot weather in the city.