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136. Hematite: HS Team name  
137. Twin Cities: refers to Ishpeming and Negaunee combined...funny eh!  
138. trolls: people who live south of da bridge  
139. NMU: da local college in marquette  
140. Al Quaal: local ski place  
141. Jonnies: Old downtown restaurant  
142. Houghton Tech: Refers to Michigan Tech in Houghton  
143. FU: Refers to Finlandia university in da copper country  
144. Copper Country: Area north of Houghton  
145. NIT: Negaunee Invitational Tournament...huge basketball event  
146. Finn: People of Finish origins.  
147. Sauna: Place where you really sweat - pronounced "sow nah"  
148. Pank: To pack snow  
149. chitter: sames as da outhouse  
150. outhouse: Outdoor toilet  
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