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136. Sauna: Place where you really sweat - pronounced "sow nah"  
137. Pank: To pack snow  
138. chitter: sames as da outhouse  
139. outhouse: Outdoor toilet  
140. Sootie  
141. pits, The: drinkin place ...i think  
142. cabbage patch people: folks who walk along 3rd street  
143. Detroit Lions: Official name for the National Football Team in Detroit, MI. Part of the National Football Conference (NFC). The ...  
144. Big House, The: "The Big House" is the nickname for Michigan Stadium, where the University of Michigan Wolverines football team pla...  
145. A2: The City of Ann Arbor is often referred as A2 by many residents.  
146. Alter Road: The symbolic line of separation line between the city of Detroit and the overwhelmingly white and rich city of Gros...  
147. Grosse Pointe Blank: Movie featuring John Cusack as Martin Blank, a professional assassin who is sent on a mission to Grosse Pointe, and...
148. Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge: Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, it is the only international wildlife refuge in North America.  
149. Detroit River: Stretching for about 30 miles, the Detroit River separates the United States from Canada.  
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Past Words of the Day

The Bankhead Bounce is a dance that originated in the Bankhead neighborhood on the west side of Atlanta.

Bags, also known as bean bag toss, is a nickname for Cornhole, a game originating in Ohio. The game requires two boards with a hole in them spaced approximately 30 feet apart. You then throw bean bags (or corn filled bags) towards the boards, with the goal of getting them in the hole. You score 3 points for getting a bag in the hole, and 1 point on the board. Teams are 2 people, and they stand on opposite sides. You subtract the difference between the team totals for each round. Game ends at 21 points.

Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic, when Georgia law enforcement cracks down on dangerous, high-speed and aggressive drivers.

Stretch of Peachtree Rd in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta that is marked by the presence of a number of large churches built close together.

This is what many Pinkberry-crazed people call their precious frozen yogurt dessert.