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61. Fort Western: Fort Western is recognized as the oldest wooden fort in the County. The Fort was built in 1754. It was used as a ...  
62. Pine State Arboretum: Pine State Arboretum is now called the Viles Arboretum. Open 7 days a week, dawn until dusk. It is currently compo...  
63. Rebecca's Restrant: Rebecca's Restraunt is located on Eastern Avenue in Augusta. It has a family atmosphere, people are happy and you ...  
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Past Words of the Day

The "Gum Wall" is just that, a wall of a building with chewed gum stuck to it. It's an odd landmark found at the famous Pike Place Market.

Sunny P is a local nickname for Sun Prairie. I guess it's a takeoff of the orange juice like drink, Sunny D.

A perennial New York dessert featured on Seinfeld, usually consisting of a round, cake-like cookie topped with half-vanilla and half-chocolate icing. Also referred to as the Half and Half Cookie.

Nickname for Portland because of all the rainfall it receives. Puddletown has made its way into popular PDX culture, as it's commonly affixed to names of businesses, sports teams, et al.

The Polar Plunge is an event for the benefit of the Special Olympics during which participants jump into a swimming hole in Lake Monona. Since the event takes place in late February (February 21st, 2009 at Olin Park), the lake is always frozen solid. Only the bravest (craziest) of souls dare jump. For many, sponsoring a "plunger" is the best way to participate in this very Wisconsinesque activity.