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61. Fort Western: Fort Western is recognized as the oldest wooden fort in the County. The Fort was built in 1754. It was used as a ...  
62. Pine State Arboretum: Pine State Arboretum is now called the Viles Arboretum. Open 7 days a week, dawn until dusk. It is currently compo...  
63. Rebecca's Restrant: Rebecca's Restraunt is located on Eastern Avenue in Augusta. It has a family atmosphere, people are happy and you ...  
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The 1000 Broadway Building has a white dome capping the roof, thus giving it the appearance of a gargantuan roll-on deodorant.

Refers to a well-known Seattle landmark. Located in the neighborhood of Fremont, the troll lives under the Aurora bridge and was sculpted holding a VW bug. He's carved...

Local slang for a type of hard-shell clam, later, a fictional suburb of Providence featured on the "Family Guy" television show.

Nickname for Warren Buffett, the investing legend known for his disciplined value investing and gaudy long-term returns. The guy simply has a talent for picking good companies with real staying power. Buffett has experienced annualized returns of roughly 20% over a few decades. This is VERY hard to do. He works and lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

1. A large and predominantly Latino neighborhood located in the north-eastern section of Manhattan surrounding 116th Street and bounded by the East River.

2. A predominantly Hispanic (Puerto Rican) neighborhood in northeastern Manhattan.