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46. tapped: Tapped - You're broke, no money.  
47. gutta: Gutta - I gutta go to the store.  
48. Packie: Short for "package store" and slang for a liquor store.  
49. Frog Pond: A popular public ice skating rink in Boston Common.  
50. Non-rhotic: The linguistic term for the Bostonian tendency to leave out an 'r' when it precedes a consonant or is at the end of...  
51. Hub: A term that is slang for the city of Boston. The roots date back to the writer Oliver Wendell Holmes.  
52. Staties: Boston slang for the Massachusetts State Police. This term was used multiple times in the recent Scorsese film "The...  
53. Great Molasses Flood of 1919, The: In 1919, a large vat of molasses burst and flooded the streets in Boston s North End, killing 21 and injuring 150 ...  
54. Union Oyster House: America's oldest restaurant (est. 1826), located on Union Street near Quincy Market.  
55. Fire and Ice: FiRE + iCE is a revolution in dining. An engaging experience that casts off the boredom and sameness of casual din...
56. Commonwealth Avenue: actually its "Comm Ave"  
57. T, The: The T is the Boston form of railway/subway transit. It is the major form of transport in the city.  
58. Logan: Logan International Airport. The airport for flying into and out of Boston. It is located in the Eastern part of ...  
59. Boston Latin School: The oldest public school in the nation. It was founded in 1635. Although it is a public school, it often has the ...  
60. Harvard College: Founded in 1636, this is America's first college and is seen as a bastion of academic excellence throughout the cou...  
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