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226. New England Patriots: Official name for the National Football League team in Foxborough, MA. Part of the American Football Conference (A...  
227. Faneuil Hall Marketplace: A true Boston institution; a cobblestone promenade lined with shops, restaurants and amusements, the sheer variety ...  
228. Fanueuil Hall: Although the entire Fanueuil Hall Marketplace is often referred to as simply "Fanueil Hall", the original Faneuil H...  
229. Quincy Market: Part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, added as an expansion to the original Faneuil Hall in 1826 and designed in th...  
230. Cah: The Boston pronunciation of 'car'.  
231. Grinder: Sandwich.  
232. Dungarees: Blue Jeans  
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A very unique term to New Orleans for the median of a street. The Spanish and French, who effectively split the city in two, could do business on the "neutral ground" of city streets.

Bauble, trinket. Usually used when describing the items tourists buy in Times Square to remind them of their trip to NYC. Also known as schlock or kitsch.

The culmination of all run off and spillage from the beer vendors at a Madison Mallards game. The extra beer runs down a funnel into a bucket. Not for the faint of heart, but it doesnt taste all that bad, a little flat maybe.

1. A large and predominantly Latino neighborhood located in the north-eastern section of Manhattan surrounding 116th Street and bounded by the East River.

2. A predominantly Hispanic (Puerto Rican) neighborhood in northeastern Manhattan.

A "trilobite bill" passed in the State Legislature in 1986 to make the trilobite the Wisconsin state fossil. These creatures roamed the shallow watery areas of what is now Wisconsin some 400+ million years ago.