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121. Basement: A school restroom.  
122. Barrel: Garbage can  
123. Bankin: A small hillside, or a river bank.  
124. Bahnie: One of the obnoxious, high-brow "smarter-than-thou" elitists of Cambridge who think themselves above the rules the ...  
125. Bahn: Garage  
126. B'daydas: Potatoes  
127. Man Ray: An underground goth-industrial-kink club on Brookline Street.  
128. Comm Ave: Commonwealth Avenue  
129. Mass Ave: Massachusetts Avenue  
130. American Chop Suey: Macaroni casserole with ground beef and tomato sauce.  
131. All Set: Done or ready to do something.  
132. Across the River: On the other side of the Charles River; can have a derogatory connotation.  
133. Copley Square: A plaza in the Back Bay area surrounded by historic buildings, including the Boston Library.  
134. Mapparium: A really neat if slightly geeky amusement, where one can walk inside a three-story-high glass globe (circa 1935).  
135. Back Bay: A trendy residential area west of Boston Commons.  
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