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136. Blinkah: Blinker; automobile turn signal.  
137. Frappe: Milkshake  
138. Hamburg: Hamburger meat/ground beef  
139. Haymarket: A huge open-air weekend market, offering quite a decent variety of fruits and vegetables at excellent prices.  
140. Yankee: A magazine celebrating New England life.  
141. Harvard Yard: A famous set of square, old-style brick buildings draped with ivy, on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.  
142. Boston University: A well-known private research and academic institution located near the Charles River and Back Bay.  
143. Veggie Planet: A vegetarian restaurant in Harvard Square famous for its healthy pizzas.  
144. Brattle Theater: An art and foreign cinema in Harvard Square.  
145. Raven Used Books: A used book store in Harvard Square that stocks a great selection of scholarly and academic material (understandabl...  
146. Axis: A club famous for its "Drag Queen Mondays"; on Lansdowne Street near Kenmore Square.  
147. Grasshopper: A vegan restaurant on North Beacon Street, in the Allston-Brighton area of Boston.  
148. Boston Common: The Boston Commons. Boston's main public park. this is a beautiful area with all sorts of vendors and occasional ...  
149. Harvard Square: A hub of activity crawling with academic-types who frequent the bookstores, cafes, and other nearby stores.  
150. Freedom Trail: A walking 'tour' marked by red bricks leading through downtown Boston and sixteen major historical landmarks.  
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