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121. Jimmies: Bostonian for 'sprinkles', the type used to garnish ice cream cones.  
122. John Winthrop: The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony back when Boston was first founded.  
123. JP: Jamaican Plain. A neighborhood in Boston that consists of many three-decker houses and is generally a cheaper part...  
124. keggah: Drunken party featuring keg(s) of beer.  
125. Lake, The: Nickname for the Village of Nonantum, located in the Newton area.  
126. Leaser: Not to be confused with a person who leases an apartment, Leaser is Bostonian for anyone with the name Lisa.  
127. Legal Seafood: The best place to eat seafood in Boston; or the safest at least, since the restaurant not only prides itself on the...  
128. lemmie: lemmie - Let me  
129. Light Dawns over Marblehead: The point of lucidity in a conversation  
130. Logan: Logan International Airport. The airport for flying into and out of Boston. It is located in the Eastern part of ...  
131. Louie: Louie is an older African-American guy who rides around town on a tricycle uttering something that could only be de...  
132. Luft: A Lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department.  
133. Man Ray: An underground goth-industrial-kink club on Brookline Street.  
134. Mapparium: A really neat if slightly geeky amusement, where one can walk inside a three-story-high glass globe (circa 1935).  
135. Mass Ave: Massachusetts Avenue  
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