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76. Curse, The: Refers to the curse of the Boston Red Sox because of their inability to win the World Series. This stems from the ...  
77. Dees of the week: Ex: Mondee, Tuesdee, Wehnsdee, etc.  
78. didga: didga-"Did you"  
79. Dig: Boston Weekly Dig. A weekly newspaper in Boston that is extremely popular among college students. It focuses on a...  
80. Down Cella: In the basement.  
81. drink, The: The Drink - Booze/Alcohol "he has a problem with the drink"  
82. Dungarees: Blue Jeans  
83. dungees: blue jeans  
84. Dunkies: Dunkin Donuts  
85. Durgan Park: The Boston Bar & Club Directory. Search 337 Current and Accurate Listings. Exclusive information and images.  
86. Eastie: Short for "East Boston", the section directly across Boston Harbor from the downtown area.  
87. Elastics: Rubber Bands.  
88. fahty: The number between 39 and 41. Ex: The T conductah said, "I could get anotha fahty people into the train easy (we ha...  
89. Fall (no one calls it Autumn): October 1st-31st.  
90. Faneuil Hall Marketplace: A true Boston institution; a cobblestone promenade lined with shops, restaurants and amusements, the sheer variety ...  
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