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46. Boston Three Party: A reference to the three main stars on the Boston Celtics--Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. The term was ...  
47. Boston Underground, The: An independent newspaper focused on activism, investigative journalism, and social justice.  
48. Boston University: A well-known private research and academic institution located near the Charles River and Back Bay.  
49. Bostonian: What one would call a resident of Boston.  
50. Bostonians: A book written by Henry James that outlines aristocratic life in Boston.  
51. Brattle Theater: An art and foreign cinema in Harvard Square.  
52. B's, The: Nickname for the Boston Bruins hockey team.  
53. Bubblah: A drinking fountain, or bubbler if you will.  
54. Bucka: A stupid person; short for "bucket head".  
55. Bulkie: A soft, fluffy roll.  
56. Bunk: Bunker Hill Community College. A community college in Boston that is often ridiculed.  
57. Cabbage Night: Taking place the night before Halloween, youngsters take the opportunity to hurl foodstuffs (like eggs and cabbage,...  
58. Cah: The Boston pronunciation of 'car'.  
59. Calm Ya Liwa: Calm down; relax.  
60. Cambridge: An area across the Charles River, best known for its two premier learning institutions, Harvard and MIT.  
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