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16. Bankin: A small hillside, or a river bank.  
17. Barrel: Garbage can  
18. Basement: A school restroom.  
19. bastid: derogatory name for anything/anybody: EX: "Those bastids booted my cah again".  
20. Bazo: A drunk.  
21. B'daydas: Potatoes  
22. Beacon Hill: One of the most affluent and historic residential neighborhoods in the city; located just north of Boston Commons.  
23. Bean Town: Another nickname for Boston. This refers to the amount of beans that the city consumes.  
24. Beantown: Locals never actually call it Beantown. That's how we know you're from out of town.  
25. Ben Affleck: Perhaps the most famous actor to hail from Boston.  
26. Berklee College of Music: A very prestigious musical academy in Boston.  
27. Big Dig: Refers to the problems caused when I-93 was to be put under construction. There was a terrible allocation of funds...  
28. Big Four: A reference to the three stars on the Boston Celtics, plus the recent addition of Rasheed Wallace. Many would still...  
29. Big Papi: Big Papi is the nickname for superstar DH for the Red Sox, David Ortiz. Big Papi has been a media darling in Boston...  
30. Big Three: Typically refers to the three main stars on the Boston Celtics--Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. Also ref...  
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