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166. So don't I: A negative-positive form of "So do I."  
167. Southie: This refers to a person from South Boston. Many Southies are generally Irish in ethnicity. They have the stereoty...  
168. Sox: Nickname for the Boston Red Sox, Boston's professional baseball team.  
169. Spring: May 1st-31st.  
170. Spuckie: I remember an Italian variety store and sandwich shop next to the Green Shoe factory. The workers used to come over...  
171. Staties: Boston slang for the Massachusetts State Police. This term was used multiple times in the recent Scorsese film "The...  
172. summah: June, July and August. EX: "Thank God summah's finally heeya":.  
173. suppah: dinner  
174. T, The: The T is the Boston form of railway/subway transit. It is the major form of transport in the city.  
175. Take a U-ey: You can also bang a u-ey.  
176. tapped: Tapped - You're broke, no money.  
177. Tonic: Tonic is the common generic term in Boston for soft drink.  
178. Tonic: Tonic---Coke, Pepsi, 7-up, ect...  
179. Troopahs: Troopers, police officers.  
180. Tufts: A renowned school in Boston. It is known for its business program.  
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