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1. 10-Speed: Street racing bicycle with multiple gears. Before the 80's the technology only allowed 10 speeds. EX: "Ma, I'm gonn...  
2. 18-1: The New England Patriots' record in 2007 after going a perfect 16-0 in the regular season. It's a joke that non-Pat...  
3. 30 Rack: A case of beer.  
4. Abandoned Hospital Ship, The: A local India band that has been playing around the Boston College/Boston University area. They have formed a wide...  
5. Across the River: On the other side of the Charles River; can have a derogatory connotation.  
6. Ahbs, The: Nickname for the Arnold Arboretum.  
7. All Set: Done or ready to do something.  
8. Allston: The neighborhood in Western Boston that consists of mainly college students from BC and BU.  
9. American Chop Suey: Macaroni casserole with ground beef and tomato sauce.  
10. Axis: A club famous for its "Drag Queen Mondays"; on Lansdowne Street near Kenmore Square.  
11. Baahston: Local pronunciation of "Boston".  
12. Back Bay: A trendy residential area west of Boston Commons.  
13. Bahn: Garage  
14. Bahnie: One of the obnoxious, high-brow "smarter-than-thou" elitists of Cambridge who think themselves above the rules the ...  
15. Bang a left: Take a left (while driving).  
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