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106. Bunk: Bunker Hill Community College. A community college in Boston that is often ridiculed.  
107. MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the world's most prestigious colleges.  
108. Tufts: A renowned school in Boston. It is known for its business program.  
109. Northeastern: A college in Boston that is known for its arts program.  
110. Christopher Columbus Park: A notable park that overlooks the Bay on the East side of the city.  
111. Haymarket Square: A market in Boston that has historical roots. it now sells produce and other such vegetables.  
112. Government Center: A major plaza in Boston that serves as a crossover point for the T. There is generally live music outside in the s...  
113. Allston: The neighborhood in Western Boston that consists of mainly college students from BC and BU.  
114. Phoenix: The Phoenix. A Boston newspaper much like the Weekly Dig. This newspaper is primarily read by college students an...  
115. JP: Jamaican Plain. A neighborhood in Boston that consists of many three-decker houses and is generally a cheaper part...  
116. Boston Public Library: This library has been around since the late 1800s and is often considered a landmark because of its beauty and size...  
117. Axis: A club famous for its "Drag Queen Mondays"; on Lansdowne Street near Kenmore Square.  
118. Raven Used Books: A used book store in Harvard Square that stocks a great selection of scholarly and academic material (understandabl...  
119. Brattle Theater: An art and foreign cinema in Harvard Square.  
120. Veggie Planet: A vegetarian restaurant in Harvard Square famous for its healthy pizzas.  
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