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91. Red Sox: The major icon of the city of Boston. The city's baseball team. This team unites the people of Boston.  
92. Curse, The: Refers to the curse of the Boston Red Sox because of their inability to win the World Series. This stems from the ...  
93. Celts: Nickname for the Boston Celtics in everyday Boston language.  
94. Dig: Boston Weekly Dig. A weekly newspaper in Boston that is extremely popular among college students. It focuses on a...  
95. Orpheum, The: The Orpheum Theatre. A major venue for concerts and other entertainment. Very popular among college students atte...  
96. Boston Marathon: The Boston Marathon is a race that occurs every year in April and is deemed a very prestigious marathon.  
97. First Night: A major event taking place on New Year's Eve in Boston. New Years is crazy in Boston because of the art and music ...  
98. Saint Patrick's Day Parade: The St. Patrick's Day Parade is very popular because of Boston's large Irish population.  
99. Gillette: Perhaps the biggest international business that is located in Boston. Gillette makes razors for shaving. Gillette...  
100. John Winthrop: The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony back when Boston was first founded.  
101. Bean Town: Another nickname for Boston. This refers to the amount of beans that the city consumes.  
102. Bostonians: A book written by Henry James that outlines aristocratic life in Boston.  
103. Mass Pike: aka "the pike"  
104. Guster: An Indie rock band that originated in the Boston area and is now quite famous.  
105. Ben Affleck: Perhaps the most famous actor to hail from Boston.  
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