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46. fahty: The number between 39 and 41. Ex: The T conductah said, "I could get anotha fahty people into the train easy (we ha...  
47. Dees of the week: Ex: Mondee, Tuesdee, Wehnsdee, etc.  
48. Fluffernutter: A peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. Fluff was created by Archibald Query in 1917 in Somerville, MA. htt...  
49. Flip a bitch: make a U-turn  
50. dungees: blue jeans  
51. Infinity Law Group: Boston Divorce Lawyer Gabriel Cheong assists Metro area residents with legal issues related to family - Divorce, Fa...
52. helloi: alekur thi3  
53. Fast Eddie's Pizza: Pizza Delivery, Italian Restaurant , Pizza Restaurant, Restaurant, Catering, Corporate Catering, Pizza Take Out , S...
54. didga: didga-"Did you"  
55. pissah: really excellent; often combined with "wicked" (wicked-pissah)  
56. Boozie: A drunk. Someone who likes to get drunk. Someone who is getting drunk. EX:("Hey Boozie, why don't you chill out")  
57. Booze-bag: Drunk person. Female drunk person.EX: "She's a real Booze-bag"  
58. hookah: A Middle Eastern water pipe in most parts of the US, or a sex worker if pronounced by a Bostonian.  
59. Beantown: Locals never actually call it Beantown. That's how we know you're from out of town.  
60. Bostonian: What one would call a resident of Boston.  
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