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151. Bulkie: A soft, fluffy roll.  
152. Ahbs, The: Nickname for the Arnold Arboretum.  
153. B's, The: Nickname for the Boston Bruins hockey team.  
154. Quality: Adjective meaning, somewhat ironically, "worthless".  
155. Eastie: Short for "East Boston", the section directly across Boston Harbor from the downtown area.  
156. Flal Out Laughing: Laughing hysterically  
157. Four H-er: Refers to someone who received their undergraduate degree at Harvard, and then continued their studies at Harvard M...  
158. Lake, The: Nickname for the Village of Nonantum, located in the Newton area.  
159. Light Dawns over Marblehead: The point of lucidity in a conversation  
160. Luft: A Lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department.  
161. Cabbage Night: Taking place the night before Halloween, youngsters take the opportunity to hurl foodstuffs (like eggs and cabbage,...  
162. Calm Ya Liwa: Calm down; relax.  
163. Cape, The: Cape Cod  
164. Boston Cream: The official Massachusetts State Donut; sort of like a jelly donut with cream in the center instead of jelly, and t...  
165. Chowderhead: A group of Adults/Parents in MA that secretly and privately enjoy a Bohemian lifestyle unjudged by laws that vary b...  
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