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1. 30 Rack: A case of beer.  
2. Down Cella: In the basement.  
3. Clicka: Remote Control.  
1. Grasshopper: A vegan restaurant on North Beacon Street, in the Allston-Brighton area of Boston.  
2. Durgan Park: The Boston Bar & Club Directory. Search 337 Current and Accurate Listings. Exclusive information and images.  
3. Legal Seafood: The best place to eat seafood in Boston; or the safest at least, since the restaurant not only prides itself on the...  
1. Southie: This refers to a person from South Boston. Many Southies are generally Irish in ethnicity. They have the stereoty...  
2. Cambridge: An area across the Charles River, best known for its two premier learning institutions, Harvard and MIT.  
3. Beacon Hill: One of the most affluent and historic residential neighborhoods in the city; located just north of Boston Commons.  
1. Cabbage Night: Taking place the night before Halloween, youngsters take the opportunity to hurl foodstuffs (like eggs and cabbage,...  
2. Great Molasses Flood of 1919, The: In 1919, a large vat of molasses burst and flooded the streets in Boston s North End, killing 21 and injuring 150 ...  
3. Boston Marathon: The Boston Marathon is a race that occurs every year in April and is deemed a very prestigious marathon.  
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