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61. Flal Out Laughing: Laughing hysterically  
62. Four H-er: Refers to someone who received their undergraduate degree at Harvard, and then continued their studies at Harvard M...  
63. Light Dawns over Marblehead: The point of lucidity in a conversation  
64. Luft: A Lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department.  
65. Calm Ya Liwa: Calm down; relax.  
66. Chowderhead: A group of Adults/Parents in MA that secretly and privately enjoy a Bohemian lifestyle unjudged by laws that vary b...  
67. Non-rhotic: The linguistic term for the Bostonian tendency to leave out an 'r' when it precedes a consonant or is at the end of...  
68. Hub: A term that is slang for the city of Boston. The roots date back to the writer Oliver Wendell Holmes.  
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