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31. wintah: November-April: 6 months of snow, rain, ice, wind and darkness.  
32. Spring: May 1st-31st.  
33. Fall (no one calls it Autumn): October 1st-31st.  
34. bastid: derogatory name for anything/anybody: EX: "Those bastids booted my cah again".  
35. peatzer: Pizza  
36. Leaser: Not to be confused with a person who leases an apartment, Leaser is Bostonian for anyone with the name Lisa.  
37. Boston Three Party: A reference to the three main stars on the Boston Celtics--Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. The term was ...  
38. Curse of the Bambino: Yankee fans wouldn't shut up about a curse that prevented the Red Sox from winning the World Series since 1918. Tha...  
39. Masshole: Disparaging nickname for people from Massachusetts, most often employed by people from other New England states.  
40. cleanser: Boston word for "dry cleaner"  
41. fahty: The number between 39 and 41. Ex: The T conductah said, "I could get anotha fahty people into the train easy (we ha...  
42. Dees of the week: Ex: Mondee, Tuesdee, Wehnsdee, etc.  
43. Flip a bitch: make a U-turn  
44. dungees: blue jeans  
45. helloi: alekur thi3  
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