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Boston Words & Expressions

1. 30 Rack: A case of beer.  
2. Down Cella: In the basement.  
3. Clicka: Remote Control.  
4. Ya beddanot: You'd better not do that.  
5. Dunkies: Dunkin Donuts  
6. Bang a left: Take a left (while driving).  
7. Carriage: Shopping cart.  
8. Packie Run: A trip to the liquor store.  
9. Jimmies: Bostonian for 'sprinkles', the type used to garnish ice cream cones.  
10. Troopahs: Troopers, police officers.  
11. Baahston: Local pronunciation of "Boston".  
12. Elastics: Rubber Bands.  
13. Bubblah: A drinking fountain, or bubbler if you will.  
14. Take a U-ey: You can also bang a u-ey.  
15. Northeastah: Very bad windy storm spinning off the coast causing ferocious northeast winds. EX: "Mary, get the shovels outta th...  
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